For your viewing pleasure (belly pic)

33w5d. I’m enormous!


Big changes ahead chez Turia. We finally cleared out Q’s study (aka the nursery-to-be) when my Dad was visiting, and could help Q. carry the big pieces of furniture down the stairs. We hit one snag in that our basement ceiling is too low for Q.’s bookcase, so I inherited it for my study (luckily it matches the ones in there, since we cleverly bought identical Billys from IK.EA). Then we settled on paint and went to Canad.ian Tire to get all the needed supplies.

It’s a bigger job than just the nursery, because to turn the basement into a space in which Q. can work, we need to a) paint, b) adjust the lighting) and c) carpet it. So it’ll be a work in progress for a while yet.

The cats reacted really well to all the upheaval and furniture moving- they don’t seem any more stressed than usual. With luck Q. will have the nursery finished in time for the baby shower (which is next Saturday!), and I can then start setting up and nesting to my heart’s content. I’ll post pics when there’s something to see.


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4 responses to “For your viewing pleasure (belly pic)

  1. Sarah

    Can’t wait to see more pics! Love the belly :).

  2. Mel

    You’re tiny with a big baby belly! Looking good!

    I am so glad you’ve gotten the chance to get going on your nursery. How fun!! Cannot wait to see the photos.

  3. You look awesome! Your bump is so tidy (I was just huge all over)…can’t remember — you didn’t find out the sex, right? I would def guess a girl by the look of your bump! In my experience the girls make the cutest ones!

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