Relief on two counts

We had a midwife appointment this morning. All was well. Bub is still head down, and said head was partially fixed in the pelvis, which my midwife felt probably explained why my fundal height hadn’t changed from two weeks ago (when bub was floating around). My blood pressure was good, and back down to where it normally sits. Bub’s heart rate was a busy 152 bpm.

The best part of the appointment was when my midwife was able to put my mind at ease on two counts. The first was inductions. For some reason I had it in my head that my other midwife had told me very early in the pregnancy that if I reached 41w3d, I had to get farmed out to an ob/gyn. Turns out this isn’t the case at all. At 41w3d they can offer an induction, but I can decline it. At 42w they consult with an ob/gyn, who, let’s face it, will recommend inducing, but again I can decline it, as long as the now-increased monitoring isn’t showing any problems. They don’t have to induce me until 43 weeks. And even if I do end up with an induction, the midwives take over my care again as soon as I’m in active labour. Given the baby is still head down, and my blood pressure is fine, and I don’t have any problems, it’s now very unlikely I’ll have to have my care transferred from my midwives. This all makes me SO happy. Given we’re absolutely positive about the due date, I can’t see myself hitting 43 weeks anyway, but it’s great to know I’m not going to staring down the barrel of an induction as soon as we get over 41 weeks.

The other big bit of relief related to Group B strep. I have a friend who tested positive, and she had midwives, and they told her this meant that she could no longer labour at home in the early stages, but that she had to go straight away to the hospital. Turns out that isn’t my midwives’ protocol at all. If I do test positive, they give me a prescription to fill, and then they’ll come to my house when I’m in active labour and hook me up to the IV. It only takes ten minutes to get the antibiotics, and then they’ll unhook the IV and just leave the lock in case I need a new dose. So I can still use the shower/tub, etc., and I still don’t need to head to the hospital until 6-7 cm. Again, HUGE relief. I now can’t decide if I can even be bothered to do the whole garlic routine to try and test negative since I won’t have to go to the hospital early, and I won’t have to be hooked up constantly to an IV.

One of my infertility friends had her baby this week. She was due on the 9th, went into labour on the afternoon of the 18th, and had the baby via c-section at 4 am on the 21st. Apparently she stalled at 9 cm for TWELVE hours. Clearly something was going on, so I’ll be interested to hear from her when she’s recovered enough to want to tell the whole story. Baby is doing well, but mum is obviously exhausted from the four-day labour. She had done hypnobirthing classes, and had a doula. It really goes to show that there’s no point in making too many plans for labour and birth, because you really have absolutely NO idea what’s going to happen.



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4 responses to “Relief on two counts

  1. too true about not being able to control what will happen. too, too true. as the reports from our birth class comrades come in, it’s amazing to me how many people who did everything “right” have ended up with c-sections. a good reminder of how important it is not to set oneself up to think of that outcome as a failure.

    i am realizing that even though i tried to be very open about how labor would go, i still had some expectations (of myself) that proved impossible to meet, and i feel bad about those things, even though it isn’t very logical to do so.

    as for getting to the hospital, my personal experience with the long cab ride from hell leads me to recommend that if you are planning to be there eventually anyway, you think about traveling while you’re still feeling pretty good, even if that means getting there a little earlier in dilation than you want. not that you need to change your plans per se, just that you might want to make your plans in such a way that you are giving yourself permission to go sooner if it seems like a good idea at the time. ymmv.

  2. Megan

    My birth didn’t go according to our plan, but I went into it with the goal of running the whole show unless/until there was a problem, and then deferring to the doctor if things got hairy. They actually LOVED our birth plan. It was funny and short and reasonable and we taped it to our door and to my bed.

    I took hypnobirthing classes and ended up laboring without medication all the way to ten cm and pushing for three hours. It was glorious and really wonderful hard work. They let me do absolutely everything I wanted. No IV, no monitor hook-ups although they did have a wireless one that I wore even in the tub. They left us pretty much alone until it was time to push, which was awesome.

    After all of the pushing though, it became clear that she was a stubborn little booger. Her head was in the birth canal kind of sideways and she was way over to one side. Did not want out! hehe. She was in no distress, but I was TIRED at that point. My choices boiled down to either veterinary style assistance (my way of describing it) or a C-section, which would be safer and less trauma for the both of us. I went for the C-section and had a wonderful experience with that. It gave my SO a very immediate, important role in being the first to touch her and hold her that I don’t begrudge him, and I was nursing her within an hour or so. I was not disappointed at all in how things went. 🙂

  3. Yes, you are wise to realize that not everything will likely go according to plan…but I hope you are one of the lucky ones for whom it’s pretty close! Just remember that no matter what does happen, you’re strong enough to get through it and in the end, a healthy baby is all that matters. It’s like how the wedding doesn’t matter as much as the marriage, you know?

  4. Mel

    I just didn’t make any plans at all about birth, had SUCH PEACE with whatever happened. I did decide at some point along the way that induction (to me) was the last option for me and that I would personally rather have a scheduled c-section than an induction, especially if my body was showing ZERO signs of readiness. I loved my entire birth experience and I am thankful that it went the way it did. Had there been a traumatic situation, I would probably have never wanted a second child, I am just that kind of person.

    Even now, I don’t feel like I have plans for my second’s birth either. I will just deal with it when we get there!


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