Six weeks and counting…

How far along? Thirty-four weeks.

Weight gain: 24 pounds (this is based on the scale at my endocrinologist, which had me at 28 pounds this morning and has consistently been four pounds over my scale at home). Still on track for a total weight gain of somewhere around 27-30 pounds. Holding steady at a weight gain of exactly a pound a week, even with all the ice cream I’ve been consuming. Can’t complain about that!

Sleep: I actually slept right through the night one day this week (which was completely unexpected). Of course I then had a night where I woke up at 3 and didn’t get back to sleep until well after 5. I think the pillows have done about all they can do for my hips at this stage- the right is starting to feel sore again in the mornings. The latest bump pic (see post below) helps to explain why I’m sleeping as well as I am- I’m carrying so high that bub isn’t bugging my bladder. Some women at my prenatal yoga class are six or eight weeks behind me and are going to the loo four times a night!

How am I feeling physically? Still remarkably good. The ladies on my online birth club have now started the “sick of being pregnant” thread. I feel guilty reading it, because the truth is, I still feel awesome. Sore hips, yes, and some serious rib issues if bub sticks his/her butt up in there, but that’s pretty much it. The snow has melted away (again), and I’m back in my shoes, and doing a lot of walking. Everything takes more effort, but I honestly can’t say that I’m all that uncomfortable. No stretch marks (knock wood), although the belly button is definitely now a full outie. Q. did turn around a chair in our front hall so I can sit to put my boots and shoes on. I don’t have the heart to tell him that it’s really just as easy to put them on while standing up- in both cases it’s the bending to get the laces tied or the zippers done up that causes the discomfort (due again to the rather high bump).

How am I feeling emotionally? This is another reason why I think I feel good physically- I just feel fantastic emotionally. I am really loving being pregnant right now. A part of me is starting to worry about labour and the birth, mostly about the incredibly TINY risk of a stillbirth (because I’m infertile and we worry about these sorts of things), but most of me is just loving having bump wriggle around, and watch Q. press his head to my belly to see if he can hear the heartbeat. I love it when random people I encounter during my week make guesses about the gender (the girl guesses are seriously outweighing the boy guesses).  I love that I feel so healthy and vibrant even though I’m an utter slowpoke and get wiped out so much more easily. I love that my husband has looked after me so well- I’ve never felt more cherished.

In short, I am finally, really truly believing that we are having this baby, and I think all the excitement and anticipation that I bottled up for so many months is starting to spill out.

What have I done this week to get ready? This week I feel like we made HUGE progress in getting ready. We got all the furniture moved out of the nursery (so my study and the basement are now quite chaotic and Q. has nowhere really to work). We chose paint and bought all the supplies. Q. has now washed the walls and finished all the sanding except for the ceiling. He figures he’ll get the primer and one coat of colour on the walls before the baby shower, in case people want to come and look at it.

I booked a hospital tour. I was a bit worried that I’d left it too late when we were at our childbirth classes and another girl said she couldn’t get in to her hospital until the 3rd of May (she’s due the same week as us), and she’d called several weeks ago. But my hospital must have more options, so we’re booked in a couple of weeks.

I signed up for a few more yoga classes as I’ve just been having too much fun with them and I’ll miss all the ladies I’ve met if I stop now. My friends in the class (who are all due the same week- there are four of us) all have passes that run out at the end of April, so I bought enough classes to keep going to yoga until then.

Our crib is finally in, and my parents are going to pick it up on their way in to the baby shower. That’s right- I am now so pregnant that I have a baby shower THIS WEEKEND! Un-freakin-believable. I am SO excited.

Best moment? Practicing labour comfort techniques with Q. at our childbirth class. He was stroking my back while I practiced breathing through a contraction, and it was like his hand was a heat pad. I could just feel his love for me coming through. It was the most amazing sensation- it made me feel so secure and cherished and safe.

Movement? More feet in the ribs this week, and possibly a butt as well on the left side. Still has regular patterns, which meant bub gave me a scare this morning when I didn’t get any recognizable movement until close to noon, even with a snack and concentrating on my belly. Bump had a busy day yesterday, so was clearly zonked this morning as the movement’s gone back to a more normal routine. It really is a very chilled baby though- it almost never wakes up (or is awake) when I go to the loo in the night, and it usually doesn’t wake up in the morning until Q. and I are fully awake and chatting. It still HATES it when I lie on my left side- I guess since it hangs out on that side usually it must be feeling squished.

What I miss? Nothing other than the usual comes to mind this week.

What I’m looking forward to? My baby shower, which is on Saturday!

Milestones? I think bub’s lungs are now fully developed and ready to go.



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3 responses to “Six weeks and counting…

  1. Sarah

    So excited about your baby shower! Can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂

  2. Been thinking of you lately…glad to see you are doing well!! I am so excited for you and your baby shower – I hope you feel really loved throughout…you deserve to be showered with lots and lots of love!!

  3. I am just so happy for you. To think how long I’ve known you in the blogosphere, and how we’ve both moved from infertiles to parents/very-soon-to-be…it’s just such a miracle! Enjoy these last weeks. The best is yet to come!

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