About Turia

To the Romans, Turia was an example of an outstanding moral woman. I can’t say I’m so exemplary, but we do share one thing in common: our infertility. I’m anovulatory, and have been since I went off the pill in July ’07. Trying to have a baby led to diagnoses of hypothyroidism and PCOS. A laparoscopy in February ’09 threw endometriosis into the mix. Before all of this started I was more likely to define myself by my age (now 37), nationality (Canadian) and general outlook on life (wryly optimistic). My beloved husband, Q. (for Quintus- Turia’s husband), and our two cats kept me looking on the bright side of life. A five-day blastocyst transfer in August 2010 finally brought us a BFP. On Mother’s Day, May 8 2011, we welcomed our son into the world. In the fall of 2013 we waded back into the murky waters of ART in the hope of making our E. a big brother. Another fresh five-day blastocyst transfer brought another BFP in early 2014. Two gestational sacs, but only one baby, and we lost that one before the first trimester was over. In the summer of 2015 I made some major changes to my diet (increased my intake of animal protein, cut back on carbs, and severely limited dairy) and, to my absolute shock, ended up with a regular(ish) cycle for the first time in my adult life. And then we got pregnant. The old-fashioned way. Our daughter (P.) joined our family in June of 2016.

E-mail me at: rescogitatae AT gmail DOT com


3 responses to “About Turia

  1. Lucki

    I am Canadian, and did not know Midwives were covered. Which province do you live in that they are?

  2. Hello,

    We loved your entry last year for the “What IF” Blog Challenge. So, we wanted to make sure you knew about the new RESOLVE Blog Challenge! We hope that you will submit a new blog about the biggest infertility myth and how has it effected your life or the life of your friends and family members. Bloggers who submit their blog during the National Infertility Awareness Week (April 24-April 30) will be eligible to win the RESOLVE Hope Award for Best Blog. Please click here for details: http://goo.gl/cFHCI

    Thank you,
    Marnee Beck

  3. To me, with E and P – that’s a positive story. Glad to know a bit about you.

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