Microblog Mondays: Library Fines

We use the library a lot.

I largely stopped buying books for myself four or five years ago when it became obvious that books were my latte factor. Beyond the expense there was also the question of storage, particularly as our spare rooms became bedrooms for our children. When I realized just how good our public library system was (almost always has anything I’m interested in and will let me make holds inactive if I’m not ready to read something), it became very hard for me to rationalize purchasing books, although I do still make some exceptions for favourite authors.

I tend to work at our local branch in the afternoon on my work day, and I always pick up a few new readers for E. given he’s now at the stage where his reading confidence is high enough that he’ll sit and read books on his own for fun (!!!!!). I’ll pick up holds for myself if they’re in, and I’ll sometimes even pick a book spontaneously off the shelf, which is something I haven’t done in years. I think it’s partly because of the proximity of the books- sitting for hours next to them makes it impossible not to get intrigued by a title. Mostly, though, it’s because on work days I have the time and space to go upstairs to the adult section.

I often go with E. as well at some point during the week, and sometimes I’ll pop in with P. when we’re out for a walk.

Last year we got E. his own library card after one too many occasions where I couldn’t check anything out because he had so many books out (and my library allows you to have 50 books out at any one time, so that really is saying something). The advantage to doing this is his fines are much cheaper than mine are. The disadvantage, of course, is now I have two library cards to manage and two accounts to track.

The combination of two different accounts and multiple weekly trips has meant that the rolling due dates have finally exceeded my ability to keep track of them all. Even with helpful email reminders two days before something is due I’ve found our fines slowly but surely increasing. I often wait until the last minute to renew a book because I know E. loves it, and if you renew early the new loan period starts from the date you renew and not the date it was originally due. This is a great system unless a) when you go to renew the book you can’t because someone else has put a hold on it (not very likely for E’s books but it does happen) and you don’t have time to get to the library that day, or b) you see the email, delete the email, and forget to renew the books two days later.

I’ve renewed all of E’s books and then forgotten that I had some due on the same day. I’ve missed picking up a hold before it expires (which costs $1). The total of my fines is still relatively small but it irks me because it is a system that SHOULD be free if I manage it correctly.

I try to view the fines as a very small donation to a system that gives my entire family enormous pleasure.

But it still bugs me I can’t quite keep it all under control.

Do you use and love your library as much as I do? Do you have a system that works for keeping track of the books and their due dates?

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6 responses to “Microblog Mondays: Library Fines

  1. I too try to view the fines as a donation to a place I love. If you find a good system to remind you to take books back on time–please tell me.

  2. I am ashamed that I haven’t been in a library for years. 😦 Books are my “latte factor” too, both in terms of costs & space, even after getting rid of a ton of them before our move last year — but I love owning books, and I hat the pressure to read within a given timeline. I’m also a little nervous, after the library my sister used (in Winnipeg) discovered bedbugs crawling out of book spines!! My sister cut way back on her library use after that, & keeps any books she does take out in plastic Ziploc bags, just in case…!

  3. Turia

    Ugh, loribeth, the bed bug issue is so disgusting. There have been reports of bed bugs in books in my system as well- not at any of the branches I frequent, but if I get holds in from somewhere else I try to look through the books before taking them home. It did put me off the books for a couple of weeks but then I decided the risk was low enough that I didn’t want to inhibit my enjoyment (or E’s).

    I’ve gotten better at recognizing that if I don’t get a book read I can always just put it back on hold once I return it and try again at another point when I’m less busy/more in the mood to read that book. It used to really bother me.

    And we have no shortage of books still in the house, but we are definitely at the stage where there is no more room for more bookcases so if we buy books I try to adopt a “one in, one out” policy. This is now quite difficult as we did a major purge in Easter of 2016 when I lost my study to be P’s nursery. We cut our total books down by one full tall Billy bookcase, so anything that’s left we’re either sentimentally attached to, I reread them, or they’re “literature” as Q. won’t get rid of anything he deems to be a classic.

  4. Mel

    I do use my library like that, and I only pay fines knowingly — like I keep out a book an extra day over the limit on purpose because I’m close to the end and I’d rather pay the extra day than return it and try to get it again. I am the keeper of everyone’s card, so all due date emails flow through my email account. I work from inbox zero, so I leave due date notices in my inbox until I return or renew. That way I keep seeing it during the day (since I also wait for the final moment and don’t renew three days before the due date when they send the message). You could also do a due date sweep every morning. Like before you do X, always check the accounts to see what is coming due.

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