And here we go again…

Since E.’s twelve-month well-baby appointment is on the 10th, and we need a definitive answer on the whole MSPI issue by then, as if he’s still intolerant we need to know how we’re going to approach nutrition in the second year (that does not include getting up twice a night, because oh my goodness I am so wanting to be DONE with these feeds), we’re challenging him again with dairy. We started on Sunday with some cheese at a reception for the christening of one of his baby friends. Thus far he’s had cheese on its own, goats’ cheese in risotto, cheese and milk in scrambled eggs, and milk and butter in a muffin. Plus I’m eating as much dairy as I can shovel in, given I never know when I might be off the stuff again.

So far, so good, I think. There’s nothing obvious to which I can point. He has been a touch gassier, but not to such an extent that he seems uncomfortable.

I think tomorrow we’re going to try yoghurt, which was the smoking gun at the ten month mark. If he manages that ok, we’ll try a tiny amount of straight  milk this weekend and see what happens.

He is definitely getting better, but I can’t yet be certain that the issue has entirely resolved.

We are definitely in the throes of the 2-1 nap transition. What a mess. E. has skipped the afternoon nap more often than he’s taken it this past week. The problem is he wakes up at 7.15 or so (or we wake him at 7.30), and he is TOAST by 9.30 or 10:00- eye rubbing, thumb sucking, etc. One morning Q. turned around from doing the dishes, and E. was lying on the floor sucking his thumb- clearly he was ready for a nap! Then we wake him up by 11:30, which should, in theory, mean he’ll be ready to go down again by 2.30 or 3.00. But he just isn’t sleeping. He’s holding up ok in the late afternoon considering how tired he gets, but I don’t think this is a sustainable pattern. The main thing is he gets incredibly clingy to me, and cries if I go more than two feet away from him. Playdates are less fun as a result. So are afternoons where Q. has him. Gah.

The travel crib is now in the kitchen, as Q. and I have decided we simply can’t have E. under our feet (or worse, holding on to our pants) when we’re using the stove. I’m ok with having a little ‘helper’ while washing dishes or chopping veggies, but it was giving me the willies to have him crawling around at my feet with boiling water directly above. And he  won’t stay on the other side of the kitchen- not for a snack, and not for a new and exciting toy (like our big mixing bowl and a spatula). So a baby-containment-system it is. The first trial run was this afternoon, and he did well for about 40 minutes, which should be enough time to make dinner on a weeknight normally, but Q. was making gnocchi and the potatoes took much longer than expected to cook.

I’m having a hard time with the balancing act that is parenting plus the rest of your life. I’m really realizing now that there will never, ever, be enough time to do everything I want/need to do again. If we watch a movie on Friday night instead of cleaning the bottom two floors of the house, that means I have to vacuum during E’s morning nap on Saturday rather than having a cup of tea and maybe a look at the paper. If I try to read a book for fun at night, that means I’m not reading for my dissertation, etc. etc. I really want to make a photobook of E’s first year, but I have NO IDEA when I’m going to fit that in.

Generally we are managing pretty well. E. is fed and happy and healthy and loved. I did get my chapter to a form that I could give it to Q. this afternoon. The house gets mostly cleaned every weekend, even if we never seem to get to the deep cleaning I think should be done. We buy good quality food and eat homemade meals every day (having a baby who is allergic to basically every restaurant out there helps a lot). But I do feel like I have a million balls in the air, and I realize a little bit more every day that I will always now feel like this. It’s just life with children and two working parents.



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4 responses to “And here we go again…

  1. Lydia

    You manage a lot more than I do! The house is never clean and I cook from scratch about once a week. I think you should be really proud of how you are handling everything, especially on such little sleep.

  2. Sarah

    A couple weeks ago, I thought Isaac was trying to get rid of his second nap as well, but I didn’t want to give it up so I started putting him down for a short nap around 4:30 or 5 and he’d sleep anywhere from half an hour to an hour. It didn’t interfere with his bedtimes luckily, and it saved us from ultra-grouchy baby in the evening! He has been sleeping so late in the morning lately, that it’s been a struggle to get both naps in, but I really don’t think he’s ready to go such a long stretch in between. Friday night he slept 6:30 pm to 9:15 am!! With 2 wakeups for nursing, of course, but still, that’s a LONG time. I never wake him up (in the morning or from a nap), because he just seems to need something different every day and I just try and go with the flow. And nothing seems to affect bedtime (he never goes down later than 7:30), so I don’t worry too much :). I reeeeaaally want to hang on to that second nap for a few more months, but I guess having one nap would make getting out of the house easier! Maybe we could actually meet with our mom’s group in the morning, since right now we have to skip most of the get-togethers…

    I hope E. has kicked the MSPI! You could always try giving him cultured milk, if you think he’d digest it easier. You can culture it at home very easily.

    Anyway, sorry for rambling! You are doing amazingly well, considering everything you have on your plate. I have two extra helpers around during the day and I still have trouble some days, lol.

  3. Mel

    I loved the 2-1 nap transition because I felt like I could then schedule all my errands for the morning and got so much more done instead of just trying to cram them in to the lunch window. Hope he is transitioning well!

    It is totally a balls all up in the air act. I have to say it definitely gets easier as they get older and more independent but then when you add another one in to the mix?????? Oy.

    Hope he’s doing well with the milk.

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