Making progress (on all counts)

— For the last week, E. has started nursing again before he goes to bed. Some of the feeds have been very short and distracted, but some have been good, solid drinks with lots of cuddling. I don’t know what changed- I’ve been offering every night, and for three weeks he would just turn his head away or lunge at the breast and yank off immediately. But then he started to latch and suckle for a few seconds, and then a few more, and then last Wednesday he just kept popping on and off and latching (but not biting), so I just gritted my teeth and waited, and eventually he latched properly, and drank.

It’s made absolutely no difference with his night feeds, but I am so very happy nonetheless to have one day feed back again. I haven’t been offering during the day otherwise- the two pumping sessions have worked well, and I was just sick of being bitten. But I might try again now that he’s showing more interest. I am still dead set on cutting at least the second night feed once we see his paediatrician at the year mark, so I’m hoping at that stage he might pick up the first feed in the morning again. And even if we just get those two, I’ll be happy.

— I found a jogging stroller! I put a wanted ad on kijiji and didn’t think anything would come of it, given how busy the stroller sub-category is, but about a week later a woman emailed me. I think she must have searched for the brand name in preparation for selling her stroller and then came across my ad. Anyway, she had an old Baby Jogger II-20, which is (I think) the Performance, just with a different name,  in good condition, that had been sitting in her garage for the last four years not being used much (she bought it from a coworker intending to go running with her grandson). It has 20 inch wheels with a fixed front wheel, a lightweight frame, working brakes, tires in good condition, a safety harness that works, etc. Everything I wanted. And she only wanted $60 for it! Even with the 20-odd dollars I spent on the Zipcar rental this was a total bargain. I picked it up on Saturday and that afternoon Q. assembled it (took about two minutes) and we strapped E. in and went for a test jog. It’s very easy to push and steer. E. seemed happy enough in it. I’m hoping to get a lot of use out of it this summer.

— I did sign up for a second round of bootcamp, so hopefully that plus a couple runs a week with the stroller will keep things ticking along. I am getting fitter and stronger but it still drives me crazy that Q. can sit on his butt for months and then just head out the door and be immediately much fitter and faster than I am. This is always the case. I think it is a guy thing, and it is completely unfair.

— I have a thesis chapter that sits at 16,000 words. It’s written now, but it still needs revising and polishing. Still, I’m pretty happy to be on track. The plan is to give it to Q. next Thursday and then get it back from him on Sunday, and then take the rest of the week to do whatever corrections he suggests, and send it to my supervisor on the 4th, so I’m free and clear in time for E’s birthday. (Q. always reads all my stuff, just as I always read his. It’s one of the benefits of being in the same field- we’re actually very helpful readers.)

— We’re having E’s first birthday party on the 6th. It’s going to be small and strictly for family as we have a lot of friends with kids and I just felt it was going to get out of hand otherwise. We’re not big on making a huge fuss for birthdays here, and the first birthday is really more for us than for E. I still need to get a bit more organized. I do spend a lot of time making wish lists for Christmas and birthdays (to try to control his relatives and to limit the amount of electronic plastic that comes through the door), and I very carefully came up with some clothing ideas, and then a friend of mine came by on the weekend and dropped off a seriously embarrassingly large box of hand-me-downs, so now E. has more clothes than I know what to do with (I’m actually trying to convince my Mummy friends to take some). Plus another friend just emailed to say when we see her for brunch at the end of the month she has a big box of clothes for us as well. E. is so lucky. But hopefully his relatives didn’t buy him very many clothes!

— I think E. is considering moving to one nap as we’ve had quite a few days in the last week where either the morning or afternoon nap has been skipped. I am SO happy that he puts himself to sleep for naps these days, as when he skips a nap it means he spends an hour or so babbling to himself in his crib while I sit downstairs and work. If we were trying to put him to sleep through jiggling or shushing or even just standing in there with a hand on him like we used to, I can’t imagine how frustrated and pissed off we’d be after an hour of him resolutely failing to fall asleep. Now it makes for a rough late morning or late afternoon as he ends up overtired and becomes pretty fragile, but otherwise it’s not really a problem.

That’s about it from here. I’ve got my nose to the grindstone with this chapter, so I’m behind with reading and commenting on blogs. It may take me a bit to get caught up.



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3 responses to “Making progress (on all counts)

  1. Sarah

    So happy E. is nursing more! Isaac is going through a phase now where he doesn’t like to nurse much during the day (only before naps or bed). He is way too distracted to nurse more than a couple minutes, but isn’t eating much in the way of solids, so I’m never sure if he’s getting enough food. If it’s not one thing, it’s another, right?

  2. Mel

    Ah lovely, things sound AMAZING for you right now! So glad you found a jogger. I am convinced if you can run with a jogger, you can do anything!

    I am so glad all is going so well.

  3. Nity

    This is such a good post with all sorts of awesome news! Yeah T!!!

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