Microblog Mondays: If he gets it…

We’ve been going for walks after dinner lately, a chance to enjoy the longer days at a time when the sun isn’t quite so blazing.

Last night I told E. about Trump’s statement from his rally* at Tulsa that he’s asked for the COVID-19 testing to be slowed down.

This is E’s take on the situation: “Well, that makes no sense at all. It’s like telling people not to call 911 if their house is on fire. It doesn’t actually stop the fire, it just means that the fire department doesn’t know about it. And that makes it more likely that the fire will get bigger and spread and burn down more houses!”

I think my nine-year-old is more qualified to be president of the United States than the president.

*[On a somewhat related note, can I just say how much I LOVE that those hundreds of thousands of RSVPs were submitted by teens and k-pop fans who had no intention of attending and who used TikTok to spread the word without anyone in the main-stream media noticing. Well played, youth  of America. Well played.]

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4 responses to “Microblog Mondays: If he gets it…

  1. Jill

    I’d vote for E!

  2. Ana

    Yeah pretty much all our children would be better presidents. And yes, to the youth of america. Not all heroes wear capes.

  3. Yes, the fact that a nine-year-old can see through his comments says … well … everything!

  4. I would also vote for E. 🙂 And I thought it was fabulous/hilarious that a bunch of teenagers had the moxie to pull that off. Fabulous!!

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