News of the World

Microblog_MondaysLast night, Q. subscribed us to The Globe & Mail (online access). This means we can now both download a virtual copy of the newspaper onto our iPads every day. It’s a better option than just paying for full access to the website because a) Q. likes the discipline of reading an actual paper rather than just flitting from story to story and b) The newspaper is available offline once you download it, which means Q. can read it while commuting.

It’s not cheap.

It works out to be basically $1/day, and I have to admit, I balked a little when I totaled up in my head the full cost for a year.

But Q. was really excited about it, and he so rarely wants something that it was hard to argue the point.

And then he said this:

“I really think, given the current climate, that those of us who can afford it have a moral obligation to support reputable media outlets.”


If more people read the paper instead of whatever random “news” story popped up on their feed or was shared by their friends, maybe things would look pretty different right now.

It’s small potatoes, in the grand scheme of things.

But it’s something we can do.

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5 responses to “News of the World

  1. Beth

    Q is wise. Very wise.

  2. Ooo. Ok, I can’t argue with that. That’s excellent logic.

  3. Mel

    Very very wise. I’m more of a WashPo girl, though Josh is a NYT boy. We compromise with listening to NPR.

  4. I am an avid avoider of news media but Q. makes a valid argument as to why I should rethink my avoidance.

  5. Oh, I completely agree. My husband wants to stop our newspaper subscription, but I don’t. He’s not as much of a news junkie as I am, so he’d never get any news if it was left to him to read online.

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