Easter treats

Microblog_MondaysE.’s best lines from Easter:

Upon finding jelly beans in plastic eggs: “Are jelly beans edible?”

Upon being assured that they were and trying one, “Oh, actually they are delicious! Better than mice!”

(Yes, we are still in the snake phase.)

When contemplating tackling another puzzle: “Maybe another chocolate egg will help my brain fill up again.”

Q. made me chocolates- with 75% cocoa chocolate from the farmers’ market and almonds.

We had a lovely weekend. I hope everyone else who was celebrating did too!

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4 responses to “Easter treats

  1. Mel

    Chocolate actually will fill up his brain again… so… he’s actually brilliant πŸ™‚

    And all of it is better than mice.

  2. Out of the mouths of babes πŸ™‚

  3. Ooo, that must be what is missing from my brain! Thanks, E!

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