Thirteen weeks

How far along? Thirteen weeks.

Weight gained/lost this week? (Total weight change) +2 lbs (+6 lbs). I’ve told Q. to hide the scale. I’m really freaking out over the numbers, and it’s just not healthy. I can’t see how I’m possibly eating enough to gain two pounds in a week, so I’ve decided it’s best if I don’t know. I’ll weigh myself once a month, in the week when I have my midwife appointment. My only goal with this pregnancy is to stay within the 25-35 pound recommended weight gain. Clearly I need to be doing more exercise.

Maternity clothes? Nope. But the waist band on my black pants is definitely getting a bit tighter.

Physical signs? Definitely showing now, even when I suck in my stomach as much as I can. The bbs remain enormous. I think I can feel where my uterus is, but I can’t feel it every day, so I’m not confident that I’ve actually identified it properly.

Symptoms? Mostly cramping and pulling.

Emotions? That ultrasound made all the difference in the world. I am SO much more relaxed now. I’m able to look forward to things, rather than just anxiously counting down the days until another week is over. I find myself making plans and wondering when I’ll need to go looking for maternity clothes.

Medications? Synthroid 0.125 1x/day;   Slow release Aspirin 1x/day;  Pre-natal vitamin 2x/day.

Side effects? Look at that list!!! My synthroid has been increased- unfortunately I didn’t actually get the call from the doctor (only his message) so I don’t know what my TSH was. But I guess it couldn’t have been too high, or he would have gone for a dose higher than the next one up. 

Sleep? Insomnia is getting better- I’m still waking up a touch early (5.30 a.m. most mornings), but I am sleeping all the way through until then. Also not having to get up to use the loo. Don’t know if this is because I cut out the warm milk before bed or if my uterus has removed itself from my bladder. Either way, I’m not complaining!

Best moment? Our perfect 12 week ultrasound scan. Hearing the heartbeat on the doppler was pretty cool too, but Q. couldn’t make it to that appointment, so it wasn’t as good when I couldn’t share it with him.

Movement? Nope.

Food cravings/aversions? I’m doing really well. The main thing right now is resisting the cravings to eat a) chocolate, b) chips and c) deep fried things. Why must I crave all of them?

What I miss? My waist! It has officially drifted into “either she’s pregnant or she needs to lay off the cookies” land.

What I’m looking forward to? Graduating from the clinic next week. Feeling movement.

Milestones? Well, according to some other books, now I’m in the second trimester. And I guess I can just keep on claiming this as a milestone until next week when everyone will finally agree that I’m there.

Shopping: Q. goes up for tenure this month. So after our ultrasound, I ordered this. I couldn’t resist!

Appointment updates: My endocrinologist was right to think my TSH was probably out again. I’m hoping it wasn’t by too much and that the new dose will get it back under control. I don’t see him again until the end of January, but I have a TSH blood requisition test from my GP, and I think I might go do that sometime in December just to check that the new dose is the right one.

Also saw our midwife. She gave me the requisition form for the 18-20 week ultrasound. It will be so weird not to have it done at the clinic! Apparently the people she uses have absolutely no bedside manner and won’t tell you a thing, but they’re really really good. I’m hoping we’ll at least get to have a peek at bub once they’ve finished all their measurements.



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3 responses to “Thirteen weeks

  1. Ha, love the onesie! Congrats on 13wks :).

  2. Great news. Don’t worry about the weight – it will all come off when you’re run off your feet next May. More food is better than less when you’ve got a little one growing inside of you. Please keep these updates up – I love reading about how you are doing. Very inspirational.

  3. i had a bit of a weight freakout around the “fat or pregnant?” period, too. i’m happy to say that it slacked off once the pregnant became more obvious.

    that said, every woman who’s been pregnant that i’ve talked to has said roughly that there’s little point in setting a goal to stay under. your body knows what it is doing, and it will do it. i know our diet is pretty healthy (though not without fat and sugar AT ALL), and i am doing my best to just eat when i’m hungry, make sure i get plenty of protein, and trust my body to do its thing. so far, that thing seems to be okay with the doctors, too, though sometimes, when i’m having a growth spurt week or two, i do worry at the amount i’m eating. (but at 3 am and starving, i am eating.)

    the women i’ve talked to who gained “huge” amounts of weight (50-80lbs) all say losing it wasn’t a problem — their bodies just did things differently from what the books said they “should”. from everything you’ve said, it doesn’t sound to me like you’ll be morbidly obese any time soon. i wouldn’t worry over it.

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