Imaginative Play, Pandemic Style

For most of the pandemic, P. has maintained that the pups from Pa.w Pa.trol (her favourite show) have been living with us. She’s made them bowls and plates and cups for their food. She makes up elaborate stories about what they’ve been doing. Apparently Everest had a bunch of babies (with – shock, horror – Chase!) and Q. very tolerantly wrote out the message on the Mother’s Day card she made for Everest from Everest’s babies (honestly, I think she spent more time on that card than on the one she made for me). The pups have yoga class and dance class and the other day she was ‘teaching’ them her version of algebraic equations (just like E. was doing for school). Her version looked like empty seed packets that had been coloured on with markers and had animal identification cards glued to them lined up against the wall. I originally thought they were all on a field trip to an art gallery, but P. informed me very seriously that she was “balancing the equation” just like E.

Today, she made these:

Those are sinks. The yellow playdoh container in between is the soap.

Now the pups have “somewhere where they can go and wash their hands with soap and warm water for the whole alphabet song as soon as they come in from outside before they can play or have any snack”.

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One response to “Imaginative Play, Pandemic Style

  1. Love this. My kid plays school with his fluffy toys. Monkey got put in detention.

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