Say What?

While driving in the car:

Me: “E., have you thought about what you want to ask Santa for this Christmas?”
E.: “I know exactly what I want! I want a balsa wood glider that is big enough for my stuffies to ride on it!.”
Me: “…”
E.: “It will be so fun to see them sailing through the air!”
Me: “What an interesting idea, E.! Have you thought about a back up option in case Santa has trouble finding a balsa wood glider that big?”
E.: “If it’s not big, how will my stuffies fit on it??”
Me: “They’re usually pretty fragile given the wood is so light. Do you think they would be strong enough for your stuffies?”
E. *getting agitated*: “Yes! It would be FINE!”
Me: “Maybe what we can do, E., is we can look online to do some research and see what sizes balsa wood gliders come in.”
E.: “Ok! Then we will know which kind I should ask for.”

All is quiet in the car. After we are home and the kids are in bed, I relay this conversation to Q.

Q.: “Oh, that’s nothing. We had this conversation the other day. He talked himself down to the balsa wood glider after he originally suggested he wanted his own little airplane to ride in that would go above the house.”
Me: “…”


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