This Is Six (and a Half)

  • Adult front teeth that crowd out the baby teeth (loose but not yet lost) on either side
  • Shoes that dwarf his sister’s
  • Mittens into which my own hands can squeeze
  • Trousers with legs so impossibly long I hold them up and shake my head because they will never fit, except, they do
  • Circuit bugs and recycling creations, experiments and home-made volcanoes
  • The Titanic, tornadoes, and trains
  • Tears, shouting, and stomping, but snuggles, hugs, and kisses as well
  • Questions, endless, endless questions
  • Silence, except for the sound of pages being turned
  • Love and irritation, pride and jealousy: a big brother who loves that he is but sometimes wishes he wasn’t
  • Stories invented and told, the sound effects and exclamations a nightly soundtrack in his bedroom after his lights go out
  • Two night lights and his best stuffed companion flung over his head in sleep, to guard against the dark and the monsters which live in it
  • Paper hearts, cut out and coloured and presented to me “just because” he loves me so much
  • A head that reaches my rib cage
  • A hand that still sneaks up to hold mine when we walk
  • A heart that is kind
  • Big, but still little

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