Microblog Mondays: Bleary

We’ve had four nights back home now, after the epic trip back (which, thanks to P., who was both cutting a tooth and making a developmental leap, was by far the worst flight we’ve ever experienced).

I don’t love to travel.

I love to be somewhere new (or comfortingly not new, in the case of Australia), but I don’t love the process of getting there.

I don’t love flying- I can’t sleep on planes and I’m a nervous flyer.

I hate jet lag.

Usually, when we go to Australia, I have a moment somewhere around the eight or nine hour mark in the second flight (when there’s still six or seven hours left and I’ve missed an entire night of sleep) where I think to myself “WHY are we DOING this??!!”

And then we land and the sun is just so bright and there are cockatoos and kookaburras in the trees and the hours and hours spent stuck in that cramped seat are worth it.

Coming home is always harder, even though the flight is shorter. Our vacation is over and we have to try to return to our usual routine as quickly as possible. I’m reminded that I’m the adult every time I come home from a trip and our house looks the same as how we left it and we’re the ones who have to make dinner and buy the groceries and do the laundry, etc.

The worst part about being the adult right now is it means I have to fix my children’s jet lag before I can fix my own. We learned from our mistakes the first time we took E. to Australia (when he was the same age P. is now), so we ignored the clock and focused on establishing a twelve hour day. Once that was established we started waking them up progressively earlier to shift when their day “started”. After four nights they’re both pretty much back on EST, and P. last night didn’t wake up for longer than it took for her to nurse (as opposed to the previous three nights where she woke up and was then tired but unable to fall back asleep for an hour or two).


Last night I slept from midnight until 3 a.m. (insert rolling eyes emoji here)

Hopefully now that they’re sorted out I’ll follow suit within a day or two.

How well do you handle jet lag? Does it affect your desire to travel?

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5 responses to “Microblog Mondays: Bleary

  1. Circle of Daydreams

    I have a flying phobia, so flying is super challenging for me…. drugs are the only way!! Sounds like you did a wonderful job adjusting back to your time zone for the kids!

  2. I love to travel, but jet lag is the worst. It actually makes me disoriented and I can hardly function the first few days. By the time I get used to it, it’s always time to go home!

    Because of that, I always have to force myself to book a trip somewhere where I will be jet lagged. I just dread it so.

  3. Jet lag sucks. Coming home is worst, because we don’t have the excitement, or the outdoor activity and all that melatonin from the sun that helps us adjust! Travelling west to east is also harder. I’ve read that it takes about 1 day per hour of time change for our bodies to fully adjust back. After travelling back from Europe when our clock is effectively flipped – it took us about 8-10 days to adjust, although we lost that weird, out-of-body feeling after a few days. So you have my sympathies. I wrote about it recently – https://aseparatelife.wordpress.com/2017/06/19/the-joys-of-coming-home/

    I really sympathise too – long flights are bad enough, but long flights with kids must be torture.

    But the travel is always worth it. And I love the sounds of the kookaburras in Australia. (You’re making me think it’s time I made another trip there.)

  4. In the past, whenever we travelled with my daughter, we were always sort of grateful she’d never been a particularly good sleeper or kept much of a consistent schedule because it made it easier in a way. But now that she’s finally sleeping relatively well, I absolutely dread the thought of travelling with her again! Kudos to you for getting your two back on schedule!

  5. Mel

    We’re usually just doing Europe to the US, so it’s a little easier — only a 5 – 7 hour difference. But I don’t love traveling. I love the aftermath of traveling; of having the experience. But when I hear about people taking off a year to travel, I don’t feel envious. I feel like, “Good for you! I’ll be right here.” I also don’t like to fly, don’t like to be out of my routine, don’t like the re-entry. And the time on the ground is good and I’m usually glad I’m there, but even that can feel like there is stress bubbling around in the pit of my stomach.

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