Microblog Mondays: A decade from “I do”

Q. and I celebrated our tenth anniversary this week. The traditional gifts are tin and aluminum, because a marriage that has lasted a decade has had to be both strong and flexible. Q. bought me a tin lunch box with envelopes in it with menus for restaurants in our neighbourhood, along with the promise to take me out to lunch at one of these restaurants each month. I riffed off of Love Shack (the “tin roof, rusted”) and promised to buy him (and me) new pillows once we get home.

We left both kids with Granny and one of their aunties and escaped to a restaurant with a spectacular view and amazing food. We drank an entire bottle of wine over lunch. It was wonderful.

Earlier in the week, we’d been woken up at midnight to the sound of E. vomiting. We went in to discover that he’d been sick all over his room- his floor, his mirror, his sheets, his duvet, his pillow, his favourite stuffed animal. And we fixed it. I stayed with E. while he threw up again (in the bathroom this time) and then cleaned him up. Q. dealt with the linens. And then I washed his stuffed animal (repeatedly) in the bathtub while Q. mopped the floor and remade E.’s bed. Then I got into bed and snuggled with E. until he fell asleep and Q. disinfected the bathroom. Finally, Q. and I crawled back into bed, wondered aloud to each other what had set E. off, and then fell asleep, until we were woken up a couple of hours later by E. vomiting again (thankfully this time into the bucket we’d left in his room after the first round).

It’s that night I keep coming back to when I think about why our marriage is still so strong, why we’re still so happy. It’s not about the fancy gestures or the creative presents. Ultimately, what it boils down to is respect, kindness, a willingness to compromise, and the knowledge that when our child is covered in vomit in the wee small hours, we’re both going to get up to fix it.

We’re a team. Always.

(Although the occasional really amazing lunch doesn’t hurt either.)

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8 responses to “Microblog Mondays: A decade from “I do”

  1. Happy Anniversary! And poor E – hope he’s doing better!

  2. Circle of Daydreams

    That was a great present you received… but that story about the vomit was gorgeous because it really did showcase how you work as a team. How lucky you both are to have each other and E. Happy 10th anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary! It’s so true – being able to work well as a team, even in something as unpleasant as a sick child, is truly what makes marriages last. Enjoy your lunches together. 🙂

  4. Happy Anniversary! Always nice to hear of marriages that are going strong.

  5. Lovely post! Congratulations on ten years. And what a gorgeous view from your lunch spot.

  6. Congrats on 10 years-that’s a huge accomplishment!! We celebrated 17 years last week, and it hasn’t been easy, but so glad to be here!!

  7. Turia

    Thank you, everyone! I feel very lucky to be so well matched with Q. It was nice to have the afternoon to just be together and not be rushing around trying to play Life Tetris.

  8. nonsequiturchica

    Happy anniversary! Looks like you guys picked a beautiful lunch spot!

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