Microblog Mondays: New Look

Three days before we flew overseas I went and got my hair cut, for the first time since my “we’re going to have to go to a funeral so I’d better make the time to do this” hair cut back in August of last year. To say I was overdue would be an understatement.

“Look at your hair!” exclaimed my hairdresser, not (I think) in horror. “How can the baby be one?! She was only a few weeks old when I last saw you!”

I sat in the chair and we chatted and nattered and all the while an increasingly large pile of my hair was heaped upon the floor.

I told her I wanted bangs.

Not side bangs, but proper straight bangs.

And, yes, the irony of asking for a recognizably high maintenance style after failing to make the time to get my hair cut for TEN months was not lost on either of us.

But I’ve wanted to try bangs for years now and keep chickening out, so I pressed on and my hairdresser did as I asked, and I went home with bangs for the first time since grade school. For a while I was convinced I looked like a Vulcan (and not in a good way) but I’m more used to it now. The bangs are refreshingly easy to look after, largely because my hair is so straight I can get out of the shower, finger comb it, and then it air dries exactly how I would want it to look. The only shock has been realizing just how much grey is in there- I’m clearly not going to take after my grandmother who still doesn’t have a single grey hair at 93.

Thus far the great bang experiment appears to have been a success.

Now I just have to see if I actually make the time to get them trimmed.

Have you ever made a major change to your hairstyle as an adult? Was it a successful change?

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7 responses to “Microblog Mondays: New Look

  1. I can never get used to the word, “bangs.”

    I grew my hair long about ten years ago. Long for me was shoulder length, as I’d always had short hair. It was only my discovery of hair straighteners that allowed me to grow it! I’m envious of your low maintenance style. I kept my hair long and straightened for about six years, then walked in and asked for it all to be chopped off three days before leaving for a trip too.

  2. A couple years ago, I really wanted a pixie cut. Short, short, short. I was pretty sure the hairdresser would tell me no way, don’t do it, etc, so I held off for a while. Eventually, I worked up the courage, and I absolutely loved it! It was fun for a couple years, but then there was the growing out portion, lol.

  3. I change my haircut quite often. I think it’s one of those things that I can change without much thought or anxiety. I’m lucky in that I look good in many cuts (except maybe ones that require a lot of styling because I’m lazy and dislike using hair products). I have been growing my hair out and currently need a cut and not sure what I want to do with it. I started to have grey hair at 22 and for a while used a lot of dye. Now I just ask my stylist to “work with it” and use highlights creatively. She’s very positive about my hair including the grey bits. I hate it when people tell me I should try to “look younger” or whatever. I just want to look like a more polished version of myself lol.

  4. My hair was always really long until several years ago, when I let a hairdresser friend chop it all off. I ended up going shorter and shorter after that and even rocked a really short and funky pixie cut for a while. I loved it, and probably won’t ever go back to having long hair again. I keep it somewhere in between now, just because a super short cut requires much more maintenance and frequent cuts that I don’t have time for right now. Hope it works out for you!!

  5. Mel

    Good for you! It is so nice when you make the change and it works out. I never change my hair style, though this reminded me that I’m probably due for a cut. I rarely get there more than once a year; I’m terrible about it.

  6. Some years ago I (for the 2nd time in my adulthood) cut my hair down to my scalp, just this side of bald. I toy with the length within a quarter of an inch or so but mostly, hardly ever more than I can grab by my fingertips.

    99.9% of the time I love having it so short. That other time, I want it long enough to braid. That moment passes pretty quickly.

    Good for you, glad it is working.

  7. I’ve had basically the same short hairstyle for more than 30 years… although it’s been shorter/longer/shorter again. I permed my hair to give it some “oomph” back in the late 1980s/1990s (didn’t we all??) 😉 did highlights for quite a few years and then colour & highlights. Surprisingly, my hairdresser (who pouted until I agreed to let her colour my hair) suggested a few years ago that I should let it go natural, So I’m greyer than I used to be, but still short. 😉 I don’t think I’ll ever have my hair longer again. For one thing, I don’t think I’d have the patience to get through the growing out period…. I get antsy if I don’t get a trim every six weeks or so…! 😉 But I don’t think I’d want it much shorter, either.

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