Microblog Mondays: Deep Clean

Two weeks ago I hired people to come in and deep clean my house.

It was an act of desperation: we’d just been away and we were about to have visitors who were on their first (and likely last) trip to Canada. I wanted to leave them with a good impression of our life here, as I’m a bit sensitive to the fact that most of Q’s family think we’re nuts for living where we do.

I wanted a super clean house but didn’t have time to scrub baseboards, so I threw (a not insubstantial amount of) money at the problem until it went away.

They came in, and they cleaned, and afterwards, I felt…disappointed.

The house was cleaner, definitely, but I didn’t walk in the door and be amazed by the change.

I suppose that’s a good thing, as it means that Q. and I generally clean our house pretty thoroughly. The only two places where we did notice a huge difference were the windows and the kitchen (not coincidentally, those were the two areas that prompted the deep clean in the first place as they were driving me crazy but I just didn’t have time to get to them).

Basically if I can find time once a month to really scrub down the kitchen and we clean our windows even a couple of times a year, I can see no reason to ever hire someone else to clean our house again.

I’m not sure I’m pleased I’ve made that realization.

Do you have a house cleaner, or do you sometimes get someone in for a deep clean? If you clean your house yourself, how do you fit in the extra chores above and beyond the usual laundry, vacuuming, bathrooms?

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6 responses to “Microblog Mondays: Deep Clean

  1. I could use a cleaner to come in and deep clean the house. I think that others see different things, so even though we keep our houses clean, there may be areas we consistently miss. So never say never, is my advice.

    When I was working full-time, I had a cleaner every Thursday. It was such bliss to come home to a clean house (and fur free, as we had cats at the time), and know it was clean for the weekend. I wish we could do that again, but I can’t justify the expense.

  2. Circle of Daydreams

    I had a cleaner for a while many years ago (and wish I had one now… I’m so flat out with everything lately). I found I used to clean before the cleaner came so she didn’t think my house was terrible! So, I guess I was paying someone else to motivate myself to clean more! She did do a good job of the things I gave her to do though. If I got one again, I’d just leave the normal mess for her to clean instead of worrying so much about how my house looked.

  3. Lol. So much for that.

    I used one person who I loved because she definitely made the house look so much better than I ever could (baseboards + _everything_ somehow. I don’t even know what magic she used). And then she never contacted me again. But the couple of times I’ve used someone it was just.. honestly, not really different from what I would do. Worse in fact. And with way more chemicals than I use. So, that round of experiments failed.

  4. nonsequiturchica

    I had someone coming in on a monthly basis but obviously stopped that when we moved out to rehab our house. I’m crossing my fingers that we can afford the monthly cleaning after we move back in because we clean….enough….but things like dusting fall to the wayside with two parents who work a lot.

  5. Lately I have been so frustrated about keeping a clean house. Our place is small and there are many warm bodies (me, three kids sometimes 4, our dog, our large foster dog, and 4 cats), but I feel like I am perpetually cleaning and yet the house never feels clean. I wouldn’t consider myself a neat freak, but I don’t like when things are unkempt. A friend once told me, “Cleaning with children it like trying to brush your teeth while eating an Oreo.” No truer words have been spoken!

  6. We have always done all the cleaning ourselves. I really wanted a cleaning lady when I was working but dh was horrified by the thought. :p What would his family think?? Funnily enough, the subject came up at a family gathering, and I was quite amused to find out that a few of his cousins actually have cleaning ladies, and the ones that don’t wish they did but THEIR husbands also think it’s a waste of money (“it’s money we should be spending on the kids”). Interesting! (Not sure how many of their husbands help…!)

    Since we retired & moved into a condo, we have more time for cleaning — and it does take less time & effort with a much smaller space. I find we do pretty good at dusting, vacuuming & cleaning the kitchen & bathrooms once a week. (I find we can skip a week occasionally & it’s not too bad, but once we get past the two-week mark, I can’t stand the grunge…!) It’s the “deeper clean” & once-in-a-while things like cleaning inside the oven (even with a self-cleaning oven) & under the kitchen sink and — my personal nemesis! — the glass shower cubicle!! — that I find hard to do. Oh, and for some reason, mopping the floor is something that I hate to do & never gets done. Vacuuming & Swiffer dust mopping, no problem; but actual mopping with a mop and a bucket of hot water & vinegar, I seem to have a mental block against. :p

    The windows were another thing that never seemed to get done at the house. I hired window cleaners a few times & thought it was well worth it. Here at the condo, the board is supposed to hire someone to clean outside the building at least once a year (although they have yet to do it since we moved in). They won’t do the patio doors, though, and the insides are obviously our responsibility. We have done the patio doors a few times, but not the insides yet. I don’t think they have ever been done, because I can still see gunk leftover from the manufacturer’s stickers in the corners. :p I am thinking of hiring someone to come do them, at least once. Hopefully they can get all that stuff off, and then we can take it from there in the future.

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