Microblog Mondays: Unexpected Good News

Today I had an endocrinologist appointment, so I gritted my teeth, packed up P. and a whole bag of entertaining things, and hopped on transit after dropping E. at school.

When I got there, I found a large notice taped next to the check-in window which announced that my endocrinologist, for health reasons, was retiring.

A youngish female doctor is taking over his clinic.

I met her today.

She wants her patients to get bloodwork done two weeks in advance of the appointment so that she can have the results when she sees you. You can get the bloodwork done at ANY LAB in the city- no more waiting for an hour or longer in the hospital after the appointment to get bloodwork done.

She greets you! She makes eye contact!


I don’t wish health issues on anyone, but I am not going to be disappointed to see the last of my rude, condescending, bullying endocrinologist. I should have quit him years ago but inertia and the repeated assertions by every other doctor I encountered that “his bedside manner sucks but he’s the best of the best” kept me coming back.

In one classic closing punch, the new doctor commented that in December my TSH had been overly suppressed. She asked if the old doctor and I had had a conversation about it. I snorted. “He doesn’t do conversations.” Then we discovered that he had adjusted my prescription and forgotten to tell me to change it.

Good riddance.

Have you stuck with a rude doctor because they’re good at treating the issue?

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4 responses to “Microblog Mondays: Unexpected Good News

  1. How infuriating he couldn’t even be bothered to tell you about the change! Ugh. But yay for a new doctor!

  2. nonsequiturchica

    Your old doctor sounds terrible! I can’t believe that he didn’t even tell you about the medication change!

    I stayed with my OB for my second c-section because the first one went well and I had a fairly good recovery. She was nice enough, but just awkward in general. I trusted her with the surgery though so I stuck with her.

  3. I so have done this. It is hard to find the best of the best, and when you do – sometimes you put up with it anyway, even if they are a jerk! I have put up with too many rude doctors just because they are supposed to be the best. Congrats on getting a replacement that you like!

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