Microblog Mondays: Pearly Whites

Last week I took a photo of E.

It’s nothing special- just a head shot of him smiling, staring off to the side. I took it during lunch.

I’m not always good at picking up my big camera these days, but sitting there, in that ordinary moment, I felt a sense of urgency.

You see, E. has a very loose top tooth. He lost the two middle bottom teeth last fall and this top tooth has been wiggly now for months. It’s at the stage where we’re all surprised it hasn’t fallen out yet, and E.’s frustrated with it (but not frustrated enough to ask us to pull it out, for which I am extraordinarily grateful because the idea of yanking out a tooth creeps me right out).

And as we were sitting there, eating our lunch, laughing about something which I’ve already forgotten, it suddenly struck me.

E. is never going to have that smile again.

He will still smile, of course. There will be gaps in it for a while (probably a long while), and then his adult teeth will fill it in.

But it won’t be that smile, because losing those top teeth will change it irrevocably.

Some of my friends have older kids. I’ve seen just how BIG their top middle adult teeth are.

E. will be six next month.

He’s almost finished kindergarten.

He is simultaneously impossibly grown up and still so little.

I don’t usually mourn the passing of time with him. I love being the mother of a (sort-of) big kid.

But I’m going to miss that smile.

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3 responses to “Microblog Mondays: Pearly Whites

  1. It’s the little things that are the saddest! When my youngest nephew became potty trained, I found it terribly sad. No more diapers, no more babies. I was living vicariously through my sisters, while my womb continued to remain barren. And there is a very good chance that he will be the last baby in our family…and his babyhood passed so quickly. That is so sad to me. Cherish this, it passes so fast. Soon you will love the look of his mouth with his too-big teeth…it is adorable!

  2. I get it! So sweet. My son had such a cute little face, then he got these 2 huge front teeth & I felt the same way. But of course you get over it in a hurry & fall in love with the new face. My daughter told us that she had a tooth that was about to come out 2 months ago. She stopped talking about it weeks ago. I assume it’s still in there.

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