Microblog Mondays: Guilty Pleasures

I love real estate.

Before we bought our house, I loved going to open houses, especially when we really were just “looking” and weren’t ready to buy yet.

I’m on the email list for one of the agents who is most active in our neighbourhood, so I feel like I have a good sense of how things are selling (extremely quickly and for stupidly over asking because the market in our city is out of control).

When we bought our house, we bought what we could afford and we bought a house that would not prove to be too big for us if we weren’t able to have children. We’re going to be in this house for a long time now, as we can’t afford to move up to anything bigger in our neighbourhood (see comment above about the ridiculous state of the market). So until recently I didn’t really have any reason to look at listings or go to open houses.

My mother is going to be moving, hopefully sometime this spring or summer.

She’s set me loose on MLS to look at listings in likely areas. When she comes to visit we’re going to go and see some places in person.

I have already spent a couple of hours cruising the website, looking at walk scores and watching virtual tours.


Do you have a guilty pleasure?

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4 responses to “Microblog Mondays: Guilty Pleasures

  1. Sometimes if we have some downtime, my coworkers and I will look at different cities in our state and bring up the most expensive listings. We will oooh and ahhh and laugh over the crazy, super-extravagant lifestyles these people must live. Our favorite recently was a room listed as a “morning room”. Like a whole room you just used in the morning, to drink your coffee!!!

  2. I also LOVE to browse houses for sale. We are not looking for a new house right now, but still I have the app on my phone and am constantly looking at new houses. It’s not so much that I want to move, but more that I just love houses and it is so interesting to see what each house has to offer!

  3. Mel

    Not houses 🙂 Want to come make all the decisions for our renovations? My guilty pleasure — downloading samples of books on iBooks and then reading the first chapter of each one, deciding if I want to commit to the whole thing.

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