Microblog Mondays: Can’t Pump- Trump

Microblog_MondaysI have a routine going where I pump in the mornings after P. has gone down for her first nap. I don’t have any set plans for this milk, but I like knowing that I’ve cleared out anything leftover from the night. In retrospect it’s become clear to me that I should have seen E’s day weaning coming because he’d been skipping and/or shortening feeds for well over a month before the strike happened- my supply would have been gradually dwindling as a result. So now I pump every morning (and more frequently during the day if P. skips any feeds) and I feel confident I’m protecting my supply.

The pumping counts as “me time” in that I don’t have any children requiring my attention and I’m forced to sit down so I can’t be doing anything around the house. I try to make sure I have a cup of tea and a snack and usually I read blogs or the newspaper on my phone.

What I’ve been noticing is that on days when I read the newspaper or a bunch of political blog posts, my milk dries up. The mere act of reading about what is happening in the U.S.A. is enough to shut my body down.

It’s a minor frustration, but, as that is usually the only quiet point in my day when I can read such things, giving them up is hard.

Has the political uncertainty crept into your life in ways you weren’t expecting?

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6 responses to “Microblog Mondays: Can’t Pump- Trump

  1. Beth

    Yes it has. I can’t sleep. I’m waking up from unsettling dreams about Trump. I actively shut off news, Twitter, etc and do something else before bed – watch a sitcom, read a novel, share funny stories about our kids with my husband – and it’s still happening. I dislike him for many reasons but selfishly this is the worst – I’m exhausted.

  2. Isn’t it so funny how after kids, being hooked up to a great pump suddenly becomes “me time”?!

  3. Breast pump that should say.

  4. Mel

    Yes. I was reading the newspaper at lunch but had to switch to fiction because my whole body was tensing up. I’m now reading it in the evening; not much better. But there is no good time to read it!

  5. I generally read it in the morning. I’m sorry that the climate is such that it is killing your me time.

  6. Turia

    A great pump works too! Awful to be hooked up to a bad one. 🙂

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