Speechless but not silent

Microblog_MondaysI have these Microblog Mondays posts I want to write about books, but they keep getting derailed by the unfolding political crisis south of the border. It’s unseemly to post on mundane matters.

A friend on Fakebook apologized this morning for posting yet another link to a political story. I commented that no apology was necessary. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good [people] to do nothing” and all that.

Yesterday Q. and I took both kids to get their passport photos taken. E. has one working passport and one expired passport. P. still needs both.

The driving force behind this expedition wasn’t the chaos in the U.S. but something more practical: we bought tickets a couple of weeks ago for our trip Down Under this northern summer and we realized we really needed to start getting their documents in order.

Still, there’s a steady refrain underlying my thoughts these days.

Get the documents.

Keep all of our options open.

Have an exit strategy for Q. and the kids if it comes to that.

I keep seeing posts calling for Gen X women to rise up. I straddle the border between generations- some articles put me at the very end of Gen X and others consider me to be among the first of the Millennials. Either way, it’s clear that we’ve been spoiled and pampered (we being white Gen X/Millennial women of privilege- the situation is not at all the same for POC). Maybe we thought that the big battles were won.

It might take us a while to get organized and find our voices.

But then I hope we roar.

And I hope it’s not too late.

How are you balancing mundane matters with the state of the world today?

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4 responses to “Speechless but not silent

  1. Beth

    It’s hard. The 5 year old refugee boy separated from his mother for hours has made me cry more times than I can count this weekend. I call my representative and senators. A lot. I donate. I call more. I feel guilt for not going to a protest but realistically I could not and I know that. Still I feel helpless. I saw a sign from this weekend that said “First he came for the Muslims and we said not today M—–f—–“. That’s who I want to be right now, the one who says NOT TODAY so I’m doing my best to make my voice heard. And the rest of my time is with my family, playing games, coloring, trying to focus on the good in this world.

  2. Mel

    I am distracted a lot. I need to keep making to do lists for myself because if the task isn’t written down, I get distracted from the news.

    I had remembered a few weeks ago that we needed to renew the kids’ passports and then I forgot. You post just reminded me, and this time I wrote it down. So thank you!

  3. It really is a scary time. Quite frankly it has cemented to us that we probably won’t move home any time soon. We’ve been here over 3 years, probably looking at another 2-5, then maybe a move to Europe? Or Canada although maybe that isn’t much better than the US these days (is that what I am gathering from you?)? Over here the US expats are so disgusted by the political climate at home, no one quite knows what to do anymore.

  4. Turia

    I wouldn’t say that the situation is the same in Canada- certainly the vast majority of us are horrified as well. It’s more that I can’t feel safe with the U.S. so unstable because we’re right next door. I feel like if he brings trouble to the U.S. from abroad, we’ll be the collateral damage.

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