Inadequate gratitude

I have not done well over the last couple of months with responding to, or even acknowledging, comments. It seems to be all I can manage to get the words out. But I wanted to say just how much I have appreciated every comment and message of support and offer of further support via email. I do know I am not alone.

I am still trying to get assigned to a counselor with the reproductive mental health program I’m now registered with. But I have a second appointment with the psychiatrist on Monday. I know I need help. I know I cannot carry this alone. I am reaching out and asking for the help I need.

But in the meantime, I am so very glad I can come here, spill out my heart, and know that you are reading.

Thank you.


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4 responses to “Inadequate gratitude

  1. I meant to respond to your last post as well…. I felt so much of what you’re describing too. I have been on that side of “that only happens to other people” stuff for a while now. During my pregnancy with twins I thought it was really likely that one twin would not be born. I couldn’t bare telling people I was pregnant with twins because I didn’t want to have to tell that person later the one twin didn’t survive. Our first ultrasound at 6 weeks they said that baby would miscarry (vanish) and then she had ongoing complications the rest of the pregnancy. She is here though. She’s a very lively two year old. Just remember these things are not actually a trend. It’s a random clump of bad events. None of it has anything to do with your baby. I know it really doesn’t feel that way, and I’m glad to hear your going to speak to someone and you feel less alone. Hugs to you!

  2. And I’m sorry I don’t have much time to even comment, but know that I and many others are thinking of you and your family.

  3. I don’t think there’s a soul in the world who wouldn’t understand why you aren’t responding to comments right now. Personally, I’m amazed you have been able to post as frequently as you have. We’re all just worried about you, and I’m so very glad you are seeking some help to cope with all of this. Thinking of you, as always! xoxo

  4. Good for you writing it out! Like Catwoman says, totally understandable for you to be hunkered down now. So much.

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