H is for Healthcare

Microblog_MondaysWhen we were in the trenches fighting to get our E., I was grateful, over and over again, that we lived in a big city in Canada. Sure, we spent an awful lot of our own money on infertility treatments, but I knew that there was so much more that was covered under our provincial healthcare: my laparoscopy, E.’s labour and delivery, the D&C after we lost pregnancy #2, the referrals to an endocrinologist to monitor my thyroid, etc. etc.

And because we were in a big city, I knew I was getting the best possible care. I had problems with Dr. L., certainly, but I never doubted that I was at an exceptional clinic.

Now I have reason to be grateful all over again.

I have an appointment on Wednesday, at one of the best hospitals in the province, for an ultrasound and then a meeting with a genetics counselor.

I have an appointment on Thursday, at another of the best hospitals in the province, for an ultrasound and then a meeting with a maternal fetal medicine specialist.

A week after the anatomy scan, we have appointments with specialists, who will be among the best in the world, to help us get answers and help us chart our way forward in this pregnancy. We have not had to wait. And we will never see a bill.

(Incidentally, my situation also illustrates the major weakness in our system: lack of communication. Both hospitals have decided they want to do their own ultrasound rather than rely on the original anatomy scan and the radiologist’s report, which is fine. But it’s a touch ridiculous that they can’t communicate with each other to save the cost of at least one of these follow up scans. We need electronic medical files desperately but I have no idea if we will ever get there.)

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4 responses to “H is for Healthcare

  1. Electronic files are on the way- we’ve already started converting. But I have a feeling this kind of thing will continue to happen anyway- docs tend to like to do things their way, and they’re pretty resistent to change. Time will tell, I suppose…

    That being said, it’s fantastic that you got your appointment this early, and that they’re being so thorough. As a healthcare professional, I sometimes roll my eyes at how much we overdo things at times (too many tests, too many appointments, etc…), but when you or a friend is the one in need of special care, I’m so, SO grateful for it. Sending lots of love, hun!

  2. I’m so glad you’re getting great care. And um, yeah, the need for a universal electronic health record is great. I actually teach an online medical terminology course for an HIT program and my interview for the job involved explaining why the need is so great 🙂

  3. Mel

    Having health care covered — when it works like this — is a beautiful thing. Sending a lot of good thoughts for the rest of this pregnancy and a plan forward.

  4. Hope your first appointment went well!
    Between having a high risk pregnancy and a little one with a lot of health problems, I’ve had a lot of exposure to Canadian health care. I am so grateful to live here for that reason. After some of the things we’ve gone through I can’t imagine the added stress of worrying about insurance coverage or how to pay for something. Also actually living in a major city in Canada is pretty great. Lots of people have to travel great distances to get specialized care and have to worry about housing and being away from family etc. I’ve met a lot of people at the children’s hospital and it’s just so tough. We’re really lucky.

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