Out of the first trimester, or not?

How far along? Thirteen weeks, so in that funny point where maybe I’m still in the first trimester and maybe I’m not, depending on what you read

How am I feeling physically? Wretched. It’s pregnancy-related, in a way, in that I have this miserable cold and because I’m pregnant I can’t take any of the things I would usually take to deal with it. I’m up every night hacking up brown/green junk from my throat and blowing my nose. 2 a.m. seems to be the point where my system gets too overloaded to sleep. While Q. was still here I ended up downstairs on the couch a few nights because I was badly disrupting his sleep and I didn’t think it was fair given he was about to face the horror of a 24 hour journey with E.

I am better during the day, although still with a runny nose. I don’t have a lot of energy and I feel pretty fuzzy from the sleep deprivation. I can mainline hot water with honey and lemon during the day, as I’m working from home right now. And that way I’m not sharing my germs with others.

I think I got it from E., as this is the second time this fall that I’ve noticed E. has the tiniest of sniffles and then I immediately get hit with a monster cold (the first was right when we found out I was pregnant). It’s a real reminder of how compromised my immune system is right now. (I am deeply, deeply pleased that we got E. through the entire semester without any illness- my Facebook memory prompts for the last week have included a chorus of vomiting toddler posts from the last two years. I guess nursery school really did help his immune system prepare for JK.)

Last night I hit my breaking point and I took a Neo Citran. A number of women on my birth club had called Motherisk, and were told it was fine to take occasionally. I was so excited to get a good night’s sleep. Instead I was up (again!) at 2 a.m. hacking up junk. Apparently this cold is stronger than Neo Citran.

My kingdom for a Tylenol Cold Nighttime. Just saying.

Otherwise, I’m fine. Virtually no nausea, weight gain has slowed down in the last couple of weeks, so I’ve now only gained three pounds more than I had at this point with E. (which was when Q. hid the scale). I think that’s pretty negligible. I’m concentrating on eating well for the next couple of weeks because I know Christmas will be a disaster. Delicious, but a disaster.

How am I feeling emotionally? Less anxious now that Q. and E. are safe in Australia. I didn’t have a scan this week- first time I wasn’t in at the clinic at some point during the week since I got the positive tests in October, so that was a bit weird. I’m now in that point where I can’t yet feel movement and I’ll go a few weeks between appointments with my midwives. I can see why so many women now seem to purchase Dopplers in early pregnancy. I can resist, but only because I had all that time at the clinic checking out the baby every week.

Also, I know I am pregnant because I cry AT EVERYTHING. It is beyond ridiculous.

How does it compare with E.’s pregnancy?

At thirteen weeks last time I wrote:

The main thing right now is resisting the cravings to eat a) chocolate, b) chips and c) deep fried things. Why must I crave all of them?

Umm, yes! The other day I went into Shoppers Drug Mart and they had a FIVE pack of Lindt dark chocolate on sale. It was a package deal with the 70%, 85%, orange, sea salt, and sea salt and caramel flavours. I really did not need to know that existed. I didn’t buy it but I really really wanted to.

Also, this:

What I miss? My waist! It has officially drifted into “either she’s pregnant or she needs to lay off the cookies” land.

Again, yes. Although it is hilarious because at 13 weeks last time around I am positive I was so tiny as to barely be noticeable (I didn’t start taking belly pics until 16 weeks). I look heaps bigger this time, and I still think it could be interpreted as “too much pizza” if you didn’t know that I don’t usually gain weight in that area.

On my mind: Going to get out the maternity clothes and wash them tomorrow. I am still ok in my pants, but I remember last time being so much happier when I made the switch, so I might try them on just to see how they feel. Also need to assess what is acceptable to wear when teaching, as I will be working more days next semester than I was when pregnant with E. I really don’t want to buy more maternity clothes, but I might have to pick up a couple of things to look presentable, and if so, I’d rather do it when the sales are on.

I have mostly finished Christmas shopping for E. His big present is from Santa (he wanted the Brio Roundhouse), and we’re getting him a train puzzle, an atlas, and some Lego. I’m still not sure where Q. and I finished with our discussions about presents. I think we mostly decided to just make the time to go on dates before the baby comes, but I will pick him up something small for under the tree too.

Sleep? Sleep is terrible. See above re: cold from hell.

Best Moment: Skyping with E. and Q. last night after they’d landed in Australia. They were safe at my MIL’s house and had finished lunch. E. looked drunk he was so tired and Q. was worried he would fall over or break something, but we had a good chat. The flight was relatively uneventful and now that they’re there, they should have a blast in a couple of days once the jet lag gets sorted out.

Other stuff: Next week is busy- I have my last visit at the clinic on Tuesday morning (STILL no Harmony results, which is now really annoying) and then an appointment with my midwife on Wednesday afternoon. I’ve also scheduled a few lunches with friends and a dentist appointment. And maybe I’ll go see a movie for fun one day, just because I can.


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