News, unexpected

A couple of weeks ago I went back to my clinic.

I know, I know.

I wrote here about how we were done with the clinic. DONE. Never returning.

I meant every word of it too.

And then, right around the same time that I reached my conclusion, the Ontario government announced that they were going to honour their promise to fund one IVF cycle (for any woman under 43, regardless of family status).

I will admit, that gave me pause.

I thought about it. I really thought about it.

And then I decided that their announcement didn’t change things, even if they had everything in place to start funding before the end of the year (which is a big if).

I realized that I wouldn’t go back to the clinic even if they PAID me.

So what changed?

Well, remember that cycle where I cut out dairy before ovulation and promptly ovulated on day 18?

The luteal phase from that cycle felt weird. Different from the last two.

And when I hit 12 dpo, and my temperature still hadn’t dropped (which it had never done before) I got curious.


At 17dpo, I went back into the clinic.

The betas followed:
17dpo: 594
19dpo: 1476 (doubling time 36 hours)
22dpo: 5851 (doubling time 36 hours)
25dpo: 13914 (doubling time 57 hours)

They never called me (at my request) with the fourth beta as by that point I had taken up residence in Crazytown over the prospect of multiples, because the betas were higher than either of my two previous pregnancies (including the one that started as a twin pregnancy) and they were doubling faster. You were spared all of this angst because one of my sisters was on vacation, and I needed to tell her before I posted on the blog as both my sisters read it. When I managed to link up with her via Skype (the day before the fourth beta) she helped me pack my bags to move out of Crazytown, as she’s a scientist and she can crunch the numbers properly and I trust her. I knew that another fast doubling time would send me back over the edge, so I opted not to know.

Yesterday was the ultrasound.

And we saw this:


ONE baby. Measuring 6w2d. With a heartbeat of 114.

It is still early.

I have been here twice before, with only E. to show for it.

But it looks like we’re getting one more shot at this whole family of four thing.

We’ll take it.


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11 responses to “News, unexpected

  1. So, on here, again, congratulations! I am so happy for you and Q., and so glad the ultrasound showed a healthy little bip. I am glad I was able to usher you out of Crazytown last week, though I will be honest, it was not my most scientific of approaches because those numbers really could have gone either way. Sister trumped scientist as role on that call, and you got all the evidence I could think of for this to be a singleton, and none of the balanced opinion. 🙂 Only later did I realize the BetaBase data is massively skewed, which would have made me more confident I was giving you a solid appraisal.
    Also, my goodness, blue dye tests are terrible. Since extrapolating back, your blood levels must have been pretty solid by 13 dpo, those are not very exciting lines. As an addicted POASer, even more evidence I should stick to my FRERs (even though they show me even the wobbliest of lines).

  2. !!!! Wow! What exciting news! Thinking of you and hoping you can stay away from Crazytown.

  3. JC

    I am a probably-never-commented-before lurker, but am super excited by your news! I found your blog a year or so ago, I think, and loved reading it from start to finish. Hoping all goes smoothly for the next ~8.5 months!

  4. I have a good feeling about this one. A great feeling. Hang in there and keep the good news coming! By the way, if this doesn’t prove once and for all that dairy is evil, I don’t know what would.

  5. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think I just had a heart attack! I screamed out loud an me startled a baby on my boob! He’ll get over it, but not sure I ever will! Best news ever. Love you and wishing you nothing but the very, very best. xxxxx

  6. Turia

    Thanks, everyone! It is pretty unexpected, but exciting too! And this one was FREE!

  7. Saskia

    Wow. And, anecdotally, high betas/fast doubling time + singleton = girl

  8. Wow wow wow!!!!!! Congratulations!!!

  9. Oh Turia!!!!!!!! I’m over the moon for you!!!!

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