Scarred for life?

I don’t think I posted about this on here, but a couple of weeks ago I had “the phone call” from the school. You know, the one where they say that your child has hurt himself and you have to come and get him because although they’ve stopped the bleeding they’re not sure if it will need stitches and he should be checked to rule out a concussion.

I was trapped on an express bus at the time of the call, and had to spend ten minutes weeping on the bus until I could get off again at the university (where I was supposed to be meeting my supervisor). I hauled Q. out of his meeting (which also involved my supervisor), because I wasn’t sure who should go. In the end, we decided we should both go, and we took a cab back down to the school as fast as we could.

E. had tripped on the asphalt while running to the playground (he said another kid pushed him by accident- I gather it’s a bit of a mob scene despite the teachers’ best efforts to make them use their walking feet and they happened to collide) and sliced his forehead open. The cut was deep but relatively small. We have a great paediatrician who looked at him right away and opted just to use Steri Strips. She did say we could take him to the hospital for gluing or stitches, but she felt the final cosmetic result would be about the same and either of those options would be far more traumatic for E.

She told us what to watch for in terms of concussion: “Lethargy, vomiting, confusion.”

“Excuse me,” said E. “I am not at all confused.”

We then took him out for a late lunch at Tim Hortons where he proceeded to sing the  national anthem, letter perfect, twice in a row (proof he is learning something at school despite what he says).

Right. No concussion then.

E. had the strips on his forehead for another week or so before they fell off. The scab came off a few days after that. The paediatrician said it was possible he would end up with a scar, but that it would probably eventually fade.

Here’s the thing.

The scar is in the middle of his forehead.

The cut looked quite straight, but if you look at the scar, it has a bit of a zig and a bit of a zag to it.

My son has a lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

I better keep an eye out for an owl when he turns eleven.


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  1. Omg that’s so perfect!

    Glad he’s okay.

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