Screen Magic

Microblog_MondaysWhen I was waiting to become a mother, I used to imagine all the things I wanted to do with my child.

One that was high on the list was going to the movies. I used to love going to the movies as a kid. My sisters and I had a tradition of going to see every animated Disney film that dated back to The Little Mermaid. I loved the previews and the popcorn and the huge seats. I loved air conditioning on hot summer days and how the world seemed so bright when you left the theatre after a matinee. I even thought the sticky floor was neat.

And then we had E., who is extremely sensitive and easily frightened and hates loud noises, and, well, I put that longed-for experience in my back pocket and told myself to be patient.

Yesterday, my patience paid off.

We took E. to see Shaun the Sheep, and it was an unqualified success.

We packed his headphones and he wore them the entire time to cut down the noise.

I put my hands over his eyes during the (ridiculously scary and not at all age appropriate) preview for Pan.

We ordered popcorn and sat in huge seats. E.’s had a tendency to fold up on him if he wasn’t sitting right at the back, so that kept us on our toes.

We watched the movie. The whole movie. Even the credits, because Q. and I always watch the credits, and even though E. was bored senseless we told him sometimes there is something special at the end of the movie for those who stay and watch all the credits (and there was, thank goodness).

And we laughed. We laughed and laughed and laughed. E. laughed so hard and for so long that other mothers around us stopped watching the movie and were just laughing listening to his joy.

It was a perfect first movie. Very very gentle (only a couple of points where E. became worried) and lots in there for the adults.

We came out of the theatre into the oven of hot air that is late summer in my city, blinking at the sudden onslaught of the sun.

“That was so much fun!” said E.

Yes. Yes it was.

What is your favourite movie memory as a child?

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8 responses to “Screen Magic

  1. My husband and I watched it and we also sat through the whole thing even the credits. It was so much fun! So much better than the Minions. I am so glad that the first movie experience with E. was so good! I watched Gone with the Wind in the theatre and boy that was a long movie for a young child.

  2. My mother took me to see the Beatles in “Help!” when I was about 5. I don’t think it’s the first movie I went to see, but it’s definitely the one I remember best. I had dreams for years that I had Ringo’s ring stuck on my finger. 😉

  3. You give me hope! The Bean hasn’t been able to do movies even at home yet, but perhaps someday.

    We did get to go hiking this weekend, which is the kind of thing I always imagined. It was great.

  4. Mel

    It didn’t happen in the movie, but I remember a huge storm the night I went to see Back to the Future. I loved that. Okay, one in the theater: wanting an ewok friend so badly while watching Return of the Jedi.

    Congratulations on a successful first movie! May there be many more.

  5. Oh I’m so glad he enjoyed it! We’ve done a few movies and it’s gone great, I also have find childhood memories of seeing all the Disney movies 🙂

  6. I remember crawling into my bio-dad’s lap bawling watching The Fox & The Hound in the theater. One of my few really good memories with him.

    We held out on taking Ginny to a movie until this past winter (she got a movie theater gift card for Christmas) for similar reasons. I was unsure how she would handle the volume as she is pretty sensitive to noises, but she did pretty well, only having to cover her ears when they did that clip to advertise the surround sound/avx stuff. We took her to the live-action Cinderella and she loved it.

  7. Glad to hear you shared a special moment with your child and that it was one you had hoped to have someday. Sounds like it was beyond expectations and wonderful for everyone.

  8. Isaac had his first movie recently too! We saw Inside Out, and it went well, although we had to cover his eyes for the whole scene with the clown. It was way more emotionally intense than I thought it would be, but still child appropriate. After that, we tried to hit the dollar summer movies every week and saw Paddington and Earth to Echo, but then there were a couple weeks of less age appropriate ones, so we haven’t been back. Paddington was absolutely adorable :).
    My first movie I think was a reshowing of Aristocats. Although, I remember going to see The Chipmunks movie that came out in 1987 with a neighbor. So I’m not sure which one was actually my first!

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