Let him eat cake!

Microblog_MondaysMe: “E., do you want me to bake you a cake for your birthday?”

E.: “Yes!”

Me (pleased that E. wants a cake given he has already vetoed the party for the second year in a row): “What kind of cake would you like?”

E.: “An articulated cake!”

Me: “Um. Ok. And what flavour?”

E.: “Raspberry-watermelon!”

Must learn to phrase questions more carefully. If you, dear reader, happen to have a recipe for a delicious raspberry-watermelon cake, please do share.

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5 responses to “Let him eat cake!

  1. Could we make a raspberry cake in the shape of a watermelon slice?
    How does one articulate a cake?
    Is this an adventure we will have together, or before you guys head over here?

  2. Turia

    labmonkey, the cake is for this weekend, because we told him he can open his presents before we come to see you, since he’ll be away on his actual birthday. But he may well have some crazy request for his actual birthday too!

  3. I have a really moist cake that I like to make, http://cookingwithsourbonk.blogspot.com/2009/04/yogurt-cake.html. I always use lemon yogurt, but I’m sure you could use raspberry yogurt instead. Then maybe you could tint the frosting red and sprinkle it with mini chocolate chips so that it looks like a watermelon?
    What is an articulate cake?

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