Adding insult to injury

A letter from my clinic turned up in the mail yesterday.

It had an invoice in it. For embryo storage fees for the coming year.

You know, for the ONE embryo that we had frozen that we thawed and transferred back in OCTOBER.

I called the number given (which was for the business office) and left a pretty testy message on the woman’s voicemail. Because it is NOT OK to not be able to correctly identify which patients still have frozen embryos and which ones don’t. And the last thing I need right now is a reminder that we only had one frozen embryo, and we gave it a chance, and it didn’t work.


I want to say thank you to everyone who got angry on my behalf when I wrote about our follow up.

I wish now I’d had the presence of mind to call out the ultrasound tech/clinic manager when she was pressuring us to continue, or that I’d told my doctor I didn’t appreciate his guilt trip. But at the time I was so anxious and miserable and sad I wasn’t able to process things very well.

It helps, in a way. This letter does too.

Sometimes you need incentive to end a relationship.

I don’t feel good about my relationship with my clinic any more.

I am grateful for E.

But I don’t like how I feel when I’m there, and I don’t like how they treat me.

It makes it easier to walk away.

I don’t (if I am being honest) really want to.

But I recognize that I need to.


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2 responses to “Adding insult to injury

  1. Oh good grief. I’m sorry.


  2. I completely understand that feeling of insult on injury. My clinic’s nurse convinced me to purchase an “Obamacare” health plan this year back when we thought we might need more transfer coverage. The nurse (and the office manager when I called with the new ID number) neglected to tell me that they actually weren’t contracted with plans purchased on the “exchange.” Which means we spent hundreds more a month for a plan that they didn’t take (so all the early care of my doomed pregnancy was out of pocket), and then had to suffer the embarrassment of other providers (like H’s pediatrician) not taking it, either. If we got another baby out of it I wouldn’t care (as much). But as you know that did not happen.

    I’m angry on your behalf regarding the clinic’s comments. How dare they — here you are making an impossible decision and they’re rubbing in all of the repercussions of which you’re already painfully aware. Talk about manipulative.

    If I could take away the heartache of this decision for you, I would in a heartbeat. Know you’re not alone.

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