E., inventor.

Microblog_MondaysThe Sick has arrived at our house, right on schedule. I’ve been watching the other kids at nursery school disappearing and waiting for it to be E’s turn.

While still so sick that he wouldn’t actually consume anything I considered to be food (preferring instead to stick to the patented “Advil, ginger ale and ice cream” diet), E. still managed to identify a glaring omission in the world of toy manufacturing.

“Wouldn’t it be so lovely to have a battery-powered Elasmosaurus in the bath! It would have six batteries so it would be very flexible and able to swim all around the bath. And it would come with its own fish! The Elasmosaurus would swim around and eat up all the fish and then poop them out its bum.”

“So the Elasmosaurus would poop out the bits of the fish its body didn’t need for energy?”

“No, the Elasmosaurus eats the entire fish, even the head. But the fish are white in the bath and brown when they come out its bum.”

You read it here first.

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3 responses to “E., inventor.

  1. Sounds like he’s given this idea a lot of thought! Great imagination, too.
    Hope he’s feeling better soon.

  2. That’s what I call an imagination. He’s really given this idea a lot of thought. I love the way little minds think. They skip right over the details that would stop an adult in their tracks and go straight to the execution of their idea. Hope the “sick” will soon be well.

  3. Mel

    Get that kid a patent!

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