Dark before dawn

It’s 4 a.m.

I can’t sleep.

I’m so sad.

I’m so scared.

Right now, I would inject things into my eyeballs if you told me that would help me get a baby.

I just want to be a mum again.




Filed under 2.0 FET #3, Anxiety Overload, Second Thoughts

10 responses to “Dark before dawn

  1. Oh I am so sorry. The 2ww is such a freaking mindf#ck. When is your beta?

  2. Nity

    Hoping for a sticky yes for you.

  3. Karen

    I am hoping with everything I have that you will be.

  4. one more day, lovely. You can make it one more day, and then you will know. So many hugs.

  5. Hugs and love. No matter the outcome, you will be okay. And we are all here for you.


  6. hugs and loads of hope

  7. I do hope that you are. Either way I hope you are surrounded with love.

  8. Turia

    Thank you, everyone. It’s so very much appreciated. I had a good day today and will survive tomorrow, whatever it brings.

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