Microblog_MondaysI really love my public library system.

It has almost every book I could want.

It delivers my holds to my home branch and e-mails me to tell me they’ve arrived.

It lets me put my holds on hold when I’m going to be away and keeps my place in line for when I make them active again.

Every now and then, however, despite my best efforts, all my holds come in at once.

Last week these turned up, all within two days of each other. I picked them up the day I found out I’d lost two weeks of revision time.

IMGP0196There’s a pure comfort trip back to one of the fantasies I most loved when I first discovered the genre as a teenager which I still love even though it is so terribly written, two books in a shadow series I never got round to reading when it was first published (although I adored the original), the second book in a series I’m just now beginning to read, and a book about motherhood in the modern world. Plus one more waiting for me at my branch because I’ve been so out of control I didn’t even have time to log in and make the rest of the holds inactive (I got the e-mail yesterday).

They have nothing to do with my thesis topic.

I haven’t touched one.

They’re waiting for me.


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5 responses to “Incentive

  1. That looks like a good incentive! Libraries are wonderful.

  2. I’ve read some David Eddings, my hubby likes Orson Scott Card and I love love love Diana Gabaldon. Happy reading and taking a break from your thesis!

  3. Mmmmmmm, I love having a pile of books waiting for me. Tomorrow, indeed.


  4. Mel

    I feel the same way about my library. I had no time today, but I ran in anyway. I’m reading two books at the same time; I didn’t need another one. I just wanted to be in there for two minutes. Then I jumped in the car and left. (It was on my way to where I was going.)

    May you find good reading time soon 🙂

  5. It stresses me out when they all show up at once, but that looks like a fun stack to tackle! Enjoy 🙂

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