In other words

Microblog_MondaysSince we had walked past E.’s future school that afternoon, the conversation at the dinner table last night turned to how he will start French Immersion in SK.

E.: “But I don’t want to learn French. I only want to know English. English has the most words in any language.”

Q.: “Yes, E., we were talking about that the other day. But do you remember how I said some people in the world don’t speak English?”

Me: “Plus, if you know French, you know even more words!”

E. is wavering, but not convinced. I pull out my ace card.

Me: “Did you know that I can speak French? Did you want to know the word in French for truck?”

E.’s eyes light up.

Me: “C’est un camion.”

E.: “Do you know the word in French for tractor-trailer?”

Me: “Um. I’m not sure. I have to admit that when I was learning French I wasn’t all that interested in large vehicles…”

E.: “Do you know the word for crane in French? What about cement mixer? Do you know ferry?”

I can see I’m going to learn as much as he will.

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7 responses to “In other words

  1. Love it! Hope he will get to learn all those French words soon – hopefully that will keep him interested. It would be a wonderful thing to be fluent in more than one language.

  2. Mel

    Ha — mine asked for all computer terms, but the excuse I used was that 90% of the technology he was asking about hadn’t been invented, so of course I didn’t know the word 🙂 I’m impressed you could pull out truck.

  3. Oh that made me laugh! French immersion – he doesn’t know how lucky he is.

  4. haha..Kids! They ask so many questions no..But that’s a good thing… And have you ever realized how just at the moment we think we have the upper hand the kids come back with something better…

    Random Thoughts Naba…#MicroblogMondays: I Wish To Read It Again……

  5. Turia

    Mel- the worrying thing is I used to be relatively fluent (never bilingual, but Parisians wouldn’t switch into English if I was speaking to them). And now I can’t remember the simplest things!

  6. This is so funny to me…my toddler only has the word “truck” so far for all of those large vehicles, but he’s so excited by them all I can totally see myself having this same conversation with him one day. Coincidentally, we are considering a new French school that is being built in our neighborhood for their Pre-K program next year. I don’t know any French myself. (Except for Bon Voyage, Bon Apetit, and Bon Bons…)

  7. Turia

    Buttermilk, if your toddler is anything like mine was, it won’t be too long before he will be correcting you. “No, Mummy- that’s not a front loader, it’s a backhoe excavator.”

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