Please send some love

to my very dear labmonkey.

She just had a bfp from her last IUI before IVF reared its ugly head, but her betas are low and not doubling fast enough, so an ectopic is a real concern. She’s also probably going to have to cancel her European vacation in order to stay at home and wait and see what is happening.

It really sucks. She is getting her head around it all, but it still really sucks. Please let her know she is not alone.


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One response to “Please send some love

  1. I will go and leave some love for your friend. Been to that rodeo, unfortunately.

    Catching up on your other posts — there ought to be a mechanism in nature whereby you instantly lose 10 pounds after a m/c. It would be fair, don’t you think? I’m in the same boat. Had to buy a bunch of things for summer and now having to buy more for fall. Wondering when I’ll be back in the new & gorgeous clothes I bought last fall, having finally reached my fighting weight after H’s arrival 3.5 years before. Vicious cycle.

    Re skin…I love neutrogena’s BB cream – “Visibly Even.” Has sunscreen and coverage. Then I layer on Laura Mercier cover-up in the rough spots. For acne I’ve been finding murad’s cleanser to be helpful, along with being good about exfoliation.

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