Readers, you have no idea how much your comments mean to me. They make me cry, every time I get a new one, because they make me remember, but it means so much to not be alone. I’m not really in a space where I can respond right now, but please know how much they are appreciated.



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2 responses to “Love

  1. Love to you, Turia. Here for whatever you need – for however long you need it. xoxo

  2. Oh honey. I am just catching up. There are no words, I know. Nothing I can say to make it hurt less. I’m so very, very sorry.

    You’re going to get through this. It feels awful, so raw and painful it can take your breath away. All you can do is cry when you need to cry and then do your best to make each moment easier. Take it one hour at a time if you need to. Do nice things for yourself. Shower attention on E. Just try to stay afloat for the coming days. Eventually, it hurts less. I promise, it does.

    I hope you get answers from the genetics. That does make it easier to process.

    Sending you so much love.

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