Moving right along- we have a fetus now!

How far along? Ten weeks

How am I feeling physically? Pretty good. No queasies at all. No sore bbs. I was in quite a lot of pain right at the start of the week. I’m embarrassed to write this, but I think I actually managed to strain a muscle in my abdomen while on the ‘loo trying to sort out my digestion (which has been heaps better the last few days, thankfully). I ended up with an incredibly sore belly button for three or four days- so sore I yelped if E. accidentally pushed on it. I was just starting to worry that I’d somehow ended up with a hernia when it started to get better, and now it’s perfectly fine.

The cravings are getting better, although I broke down and had another burrito on Friday after my class (normally I eat my lunch before my class- I ate a different lunch, finished teaching, and realized I was going to cry if I didn’t get a burrito). I’ve at least avoided poutine this week, so that’s progress.

The fatigue is still pretty constant. I’m still not getting anything done dissertation-wise, although I’m managing to teach my class and wrangle my son, so two out of three isn’t bad. I feel bad for Q. He is doing all the housework and the lion’s share of the cooking/dishes because he doesn’t want me to overexert myself, but it must be hard on him to have me complaining about how tired I am! (I suppose this is payback for when he used to complain about being tired when E. was little and I wanted to kill him.)

How am I feeling emotionally? Nervous, again. Two weeks off from the clinic does that. Plus the lack of ‘real’ symptoms, other than the constant fatigue, isn’t giving me a lot of reassurance, although I’m obviously grateful I don’t have my head constantly in the toilet. Starting to stress a wee bit about the NT scan. I’ve had two friends in the last couple of years lose babies to chromosomal problems, so I’m very aware that getting through the first trimester doesn’t guarantee you anything. I can’t wait to get through that, graduate from the clinic, start to look more pregnant (right now I just look like I’m eating too much), and feel movement. I keep getting weird flutters, but I’m sure it’s just gas bubbles. It’s surely too early to be feeling 2.0, even with it being a second pregnancy.

How does it compare with E.’s pregnancy? Last time around at this point I commented on having huge bbs and showing (although you couldn’t see it with my clothes on). I also said:

A hint of the queasies on a couple of mornings where I let myself get too hungry. Very minor cramping. Sore bbs if they get cold. Really, I’ve been insanely lucky.

So I need to just stop worrying about not feeling pregnant. It was exactly the same last time around, and all was well.

On my mind:  We have to make a decision this week about what we’re going to do with E.’s registration for nursery school next year. I found this pretty stressful, as we had to hand in paperwork that was based around the assumption that everything is going to work out with the pregnancy and I’ll be home with 2.0 in the fall. I hate doing things like that, especially in the first trimester when I haven’t been at the clinic for a week and a half. We crunched the numbers and decided in the end to book E. in for two full days and one morning. The morning will be our duty day, which Q. will do for at least the first few months. It will be a stretch financially, but it will be easier to pull him out and move him to mornings only than it would be to add in time if we realized we were struggling. Given E. will be going to junior kindergarten in September 2015 (HOW is this possible?) and it’s full day, five days a week here, we didn’t think it would make any sense at all to keep him at home with me the entire time, or to send him for just three mornings, only to then have him go into school full-time the very next year. I also didn’t want to put him in for five mornings, as I want some days where we have some freedom to do things around the city without being tied to an 11:30 a.m. pick up. Our ideal schedule would be full days on Tuesdays and Fridays, and the morning duty day on Thursday. We’ll see what happens.

Sleep? Sleep has been good this week. I’ve even gone back to sleep after waking up just before 6. I know I keep saying this, but this is just unheard of for me (at this point in E’s pregnancy I was up in the night for several hours three or four times a week). I don’t know why things have changed, but I’m loving it. We had a really disrupted night on Thursday night when at 2:30 a.m. (technically it was Friday by then) Q. woke up and realized our carbon monoxide detector was going off. We have two, and we couldn’t get the second one to go off, but we weren’t willing to play the game of “which one is defective”. When we called the gas company they immediately told us to wake up E. and get out of the house, and they called the fire department. So we bundled up a very confused and sleepy E. and went out on the front porch. The firefighters turned up within three minutes (E. was very very pleased the fire truck was coming to HIS house). They went through and fairly quickly determined the detector had reached the end of its life. Why couldn’t it have done this at 4 p.m. in July? We were allowed back in after twenty minutes or so, I put E. back to bed, Q. dealt with the representative from the gas company, and then, about two hours after we first woke up, we were able to crawl back in bed ourselves. On the weekend E. and I took the streetcar out to Home Dep.ot to buy new carbon monoxide detectors. We bought new smoke detectors too as we figured they’re probably also due for replacing (every ten years for those of you who are wondering!).

The only other item of note with sleep is the weird pregnancy dreams are in full force. I’ve had some terrible ones. The worst was one where (in the middle of a completely unrelated section of dream, which was equally weird), I received an envelope from my clinic. Inside was an ultrasound report that showed that the baby was not viable. I woke up almost in tears and had to remind myself that my clinic would NOT give me news like that via the mail.

Best moment: Monday morning was my duty day at E’s nursery school. E. wanted me to tie a doll to his chest with a blanket because that’s what one of the other kids in his group was doing. When I asked him if he was keeping the baby nice and warm, he said, “No. This is MY baby. The one you growing in MY uterus.” (You know, the one he named Sausage Sausage a couple of weeks ago.)

Other stuff: Only three more days of Metformin left! I’ve weaned off the pills at breakfast and lunch and just have a 1/2 pill to take for the next three days, but by Friday I’ll be done. That will leave me just with the estrace, PIO, baby aspirin, plus the prenatal and vitamin D.

Up next: Clinic this Thursday, for an ultrasound and another intralipid infusion. I’ll be glad to get reassurance that all is going well.



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3 responses to “Moving right along- we have a fetus now!

  1. yay!!! So glad things are going well for you. Just try as much as possible to relax (emotionally). Keep trusting that God has HIs arms wrapped around your miracle and protecting them from all harm.

  2. I’m so glad things are going well. 🙂

  3. 10 weeks already!!!! Omg! So happy for you 🙂

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