5w2d- Released from bloodwork

The clinic called around 3 p.m. when I was on my way to pick up E. I’d had a fairly stressful day. I always worry like mad the day any results are coming in, and, of course, my body picked today to not give me any clear symptoms. So I spent the two hours between 1 p.m. (which was the earliest they might possibly call, to judge from previous experience) and the call itself psyching myself out and trying to prepare for bad news.

“Your levels are rising nicely” was the first thing the nurse said to me.

I exhaled.

And then, I swear, my uterus started cramping for the first time today.



Doing just what it should be doing.

No more bloodwork now (thank goodness as my veins are a mess after a double blood draw in one arm this morning and the intralipid infusion IV in the other) and back in to the clinic for the first ultrasound on the 16th.

I’m realizing, again, that I’m actually incapable of relaxing and enjoying the early stages of a pregnancy. It’s too tenuous. Too easily brought to a crashing halt. I’ve read too many stories that didn’t have happy endings (one of the inevitable side effects of spending time in the ALI blogosphere is you get a very skewed perspective on how often things go wrong).

So right now I’m just trying to enjoy the good days when I have them, ride out the worry when it rises to the surface, and keep my fingers crossed that everything continues to go well.



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3 responses to “5w2d- Released from bloodwork

  1. Karen

    So glad to hear!
    Keeping everything crossed and hoping you can have more moments of enjoyment
    The betas sound very very promising!

  2. awesome news your numbers are rising! praise God!!

  3. Great news!!! I know it’s impossible to relax though. Hang in there!!

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