You will not believe this

The mailman just rang the doorbell to drop off three packages. Two were for Q.- Amazon continuing its very odd habit of sending him the books he orders one at a time.

The third was for me.

It was a package of formula from the Similac Club.


In December I remember getting an envelope with coupons inside from Similac.

That made me scratch my head as well, but this is truly ridiculous.

I know how they got my address- I somehow ended up on a mailing list during E’s pregnancy. My suspicion is that it was Motherhood who sold me out, since that was the ONLY pregnancy-related place where I handed over my address.

Similac kept sending me things, up to and including coupons for the toddler versions of their formula, marketed as a supplement to your toddler’s diet.

But the coupons last month and the formula samples that arrived today are aimed at mothers of newborns.

My thoughts on how this may have happened:
1. Their marketing board chose an average length of time between pregnancies and decided to just send formula samples to everyone once they’d met that criteria in case it turned out they’d had another baby (this strikes me as highly ineffective)
2. Facebook somehow realized that I was ttcing and sold my information. I was getting the newborn coupons before the IVF cycle was over, so it wasn’t as though it could tell I was pregnant. Even so, this is kind of freaky.
3. A computer database somewhere had a glitch and pumped out old addresses to a new mailing list.

Ideas? I’m not going to lie- it’s a bit freaky that this is happening now when it never has before.



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4 responses to “You will not believe this

  1. Do you have a points card with a pharmacy? I get coupons for contact lenses and (now) prenatal vitamins and preseed lube on the backs of all of my pharmacy receipts, because they DO track your purchases (lens cleaner and prenatals, in my case), and they DO target ads. Did you use that points card when you bought your pregnancy test?
    I wonder, I really wonder, if the Similac PR/ad person has any idea how much unintentional pain they inflict with this kind of mailing.

  2. wanna hear something even freakier…I have never had children, shopped at any maternity store, nor do I have rewards cards at Babies R Us or Toys R Us, but somehow I get coupons for gerber….and an american baby magazine…

  3. Turia

    labmonkey- I specifically DIDN’T use my points card for Shoppers when I bought the pregnancy test, solely because I didn’t want them to have that information. And I thought about that too- I can’t even imagine how much more angry I would be if they’d sent this to me and the beta had been negative. Right now I’m just going to try to figure out how to get off their mailing list. If it had been negative, I think I would have probably rung them up and yelled at someone.

    Elisha- that is just plain weird. Maybe it is like labmonkey suggested- a loyalty card for a pharmacy where you buy prenatals and hpts?

  4. Clare

    This is why I turned Motherhood down when they asked for my address. Well, lets be honest, it flashed through my head “what if I miscarry and they keep sending me baby stuff in the mail?” The sales girl looked at me like I was crazy for turning down free stuff lol!
    I also remember hearing a story about a teenage girl whose pregnancy was outed to her parents by a targeted mail-out by Walmart after she bought a pregnancy test and prenatals there. I find that stuff so creepy!

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