Second Chances

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a long time know that I never got a positive pregnancy test with E.

I did test- twice. Once at 10dp5dt, and the second day at 12dp5dt, the morning of the beta. Both were negative, which made the strongly positive beta a wonderful surprise. I learned from this not to use tests from the dollar store.

At 14dp5dt, exactly where I am now, I posted this:

Is it completely ridiculous to want desperately to waste money on a pregnancy test that is NOT from the stupid dollar store just to see two lines? Q. has no idea why I want to do this so badly since we’re getting accurate counts from the betas every 48 hours. And I studiously avoided tests pretty much all through this entire process- I used one with our first IUI, and used one the day before the beta with the first IVF, and then I had my flirtation with the dollar store tests this time round.

But I think I want to see two lines. Even though I know I’m pregnant, I want a piece of plastic to confirm it.

Is this like food cravings?

And Dandle, and Sarah, and Springroll, and Serenity, and Mel, and babyinterrupted ALL told me to go buy a pregnancy test to see those two lines.

I didn’t.

I never saw two lines.

It became one of my biggest regrets from my pregnancy with E.

And after our two FETs failed this past fall I started to think I had missed my chance.

So this morning, despite the cold, I bundled E. up, and we went to the drugstore. We had absolutely no other reason to be out in the freeze except that I wanted to see this:


I’m not going to lie- it was a little anticlimactic. But it was a relief to see it.


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3 responses to “Second Chances

  1. Good for you! You deserve to see those lines. This whole thing is so damn hard we deserve those little moments of joy that make it all worth it.

  2. As gross as this sounds….I put mine into a Ziploc and kept the damn thing for close to a year. With both of my pregnancies. Ack! But I am so happy that you got the chance to see this!!! Oh, T – my heart is overflowing with happiness for you. Be well, my friend. Take care. And BELIEVE IT – E’s gonna be a BIG BROTHER!!!!

  3. I had such fun with pregnancy tests after I knew the answer. Glad you are getting to experience it, too.

    So happy for you.


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