2.0 IVF Day Twelve- Fertilization Report

I’m not going to lie. I’m disappointed.

Yesterday they retrieved 25 eggs.

Of those 25, 12 were mature enough to be ICSI’ed.

Of those 12, 10 fertilized.

Obviously it is a great ratio of mature eggs to fertilized ones, but I am gutted that so many of my eggs were immature. I’ve felt all the way through this cycle that I was stimming too quickly- so much more quickly than the cycle that produced E. Now I wonder if I was right.

I don’t know if we’re going to be able to go to blastocyst with ten embryos. They’re going to call me tomorrow to tell me whether or not I should be on standby, but the final decision won’t be made by my f/s until Wednesday morning, so I could literally have only a couple of hours notice.

I want to go to blastocyst because that’s what worked with E., but at the same time, I am so worried that if we do go to blast, I’ll have the same terrible attrition rate that we did in 2010. If 17 embryos produced only 4 blasts, what if 10 only produce two? What if we have nothing to freeze and this becomes an ‘all or nothing’ transfer?

I’m not ready to have my hopes of making E. a big brother extinguished. I was counting on having something to freeze so we could revisit the whole issue next summer/fall if we had to.

I am holding on to my doctor’s assurances that they have massively improved their technology with regards to embryos and embryo survival between days three and five.

I am holding on to the hope that maybe the embryoscope will help support a couple more who might have struggled in the regular incubator, that our decision to use it might make a difference.

I know, I KNOW that it only takes one.

I just wish we were starting with a better hand.


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7 responses to “2.0 IVF Day Twelve- Fertilization Report

  1. So sorry….but like you said its a very good sign that you had such a high percentage of mature eggs fertilize.

    I really hate the days between ER and ET. It was such a hideous experience last time for me. We don’t plan on IVF ever again, but if we did I swear I would request no updates, just let me know if and when to come in for transfer.

  2. The waiting is murder… breathe deeply, and do your best to relax. You already know this, but how this goes down is completely out of your hands, so you aren’t doing yourself any favours by worrying excessively. Sending you lots and lots of love and positive energy! xoxo

  3. Keep hoping and believing πŸ™‚ Don’t go by you hear, see, think, or feel because God can do the impossible. He doesn’t need a perfect egg, perfect sperm, or perfect blastocyst because He can turn what we think are failures or not “perfect” situations into something beautiful if we have hope and faith that He can. So keep thinking positive πŸ™‚ I’m saying lots of prayers for you girlie

  4. We all always have an idea of how many embryos will be good for us, and it’s hard to be disappointed. But you are right to hold on to your hope!!! Because you are still working with a lot of embryos!

  5. Karen

    Hoping and praying that the 10 keep developing well. For what it’s worth, I have a good feeling.

  6. Clare

    Those are great numbers! Don’t be discouraged. Seriously.
    I know how brutal it is waiting for the daily update. Hang in there girl.

  7. Nity

    I’ve never done a day 5 (blastocyst) transfer as we deal with immature eggs. My numbers are similar to yours, and the reality is – it just takes one. Or in your case, you do only want one.

    If you do end up cycling again, my dr told me to take 600 mg of Co-Enzyme QA for 3 months before we cycle. There was a study that came out about it, and it was enough to suggest I should try – as in it wouldn’t hurt. I will say this last cycle taking it was my best in terms of egg quality, although we didn’t have any to freeze.

    The wait is brutal. But it’s just part of the whole overall not control feeling. Just try to find your zen place, check off what you can do to control stuff and then try not to worry about the rest. You can only control so much and then it’s out of your hands.

    Good luck!! Thinking about you and wishing you sticky, good thoughts. xoxo

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