2.0 IVF Day Eleven- Retrieval

25 eggs.

Still feeling not at all well, and am struggling to keep food down. I don’t remember anything from the retrieval after my f/s arrived, did a few preliminary things that made me jump, and then demanded the nurse give me more drugs. Q. says my f/s commented during the retrieval that it had taken a surprising amount of drugs to get me to the right point, which probably explains my total lack of memory and my current state.

Will post more tomorrow after we get the fertilization report.


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4 responses to “2.0 IVF Day Eleven- Retrieval

  1. 25! I do love a perfect square.

  2. Karen

    Great news! Hoping very hard for a great fert report!

  3. Great number!! I hope you feel better and they gave you some good Rxs!!

  4. 25! 🙂 Hope you can get some rest!

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