2.0 IVF Day Seven- Whoa there, eggies!

Hit the clinic super early this morning to make sure I could get my bloodwork and ultrasound finished before my intralipids infusion, which was scheduled for 8 a.m. The nurse in the IVF suite was just about to start my IV when I had a phone call from Q., who had an incredibly angry toddler on the other end who needed to speak to me, since apparently all the conversations we had the day before about me going in to see the doctor very early didn’t sink in. They’d just spent thirty minutes searching the house, with E. absolutely certain that Mummy was still in bed sleeping, even when Q. pulled all the covers off.

The intralipids infusion was finished by about 9:45. I ended up feeling like I was going to fall asleep again, just like last time. Maybe it has something to do with all that fat going in to my body- the nurse wondered if it was the equivalent to eating a big Thanksgiving dinner. There were a couple of other ladies in there at the same time- they were both pregnant. Nice to get reminders that things do work there.

Went back over to the main part of the clinic and managed to see my doctor really quickly. My follicles are zooming- the lead follicle was measuring 16 on one ovary and 15.5 on the other. This seemed a bit too fast to me, and I think my doctor thought the same, as he changed my meds to 150 iu Gonal-F and 225 iu Repronex for today and tomorrow. I’ll go back in on Friday and Saturday for sure. The retrieval is likely to be Monday or Tuesday of next week, so that is definitely faster than the August 2010 cycle, but I don’t think it’s too fast if we make that timeline, as my cycle in August 2010 was longer than expected. Obviously since it worked I would have been happy to repeat that pattern again here, but we can at least say with confidence that we’re not going to be dealing with an embryo transfer on Christmas Day.

Dr. L. repeated his advice to eat lots of salt and drink lots of Gatorade- minimum one litre per day to be exact.

I am feeling pretty miserable now. Really sore through the abdomen and just generally lacking any emotional fortitude. We had a terrible night last night where E. freaked out so much at Q. trying to put him to bed that Q. had to come downstairs and get me to take over because he was getting too angry, and then he was so angry he didn’t want to say goodnight to E., which upset me so much that after I had put E. to bed I ended up sitting in the bathroom crying. Then E. woke up at 9 p.m. vomiting all over his crib, at which point I deeply regretted letting him eat the entire punnet of raspberries that had been all he was interested in eating all day (along with rice crackers). Q. is so stressed about work- he is supposed to be writing a chapter for an edited volume this month, but E. being too sick to go to nursery school has completely blown a hole in his plans, so now he’ll have to take work with us when we travel after Christmas to see my family. Definitely a night where I found myself wondering why we’re putting ourselves through all of this to try to expand our family, given some days it seems we can’t even cope with one.

Deep breaths. One day at a time.


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5 responses to “2.0 IVF Day Seven- Whoa there, eggies!

  1. oh yes girl drink LOTS of gatorade and salty foods. When I did IVF, my ovaries responded “too” well and I had OHSS. I gained 9.5 lbs of fluid in less than 48 hours after my retrieval. They said to drink fluids but wasn’t specific until I went in for the transfer and they saw my protruding abdomen. I looked prego! I posted a pic of it on my blog in “our story”. You will have to see the belly! You would have thought I was prego! For 7 days I drank nothing but gatorade and the broth from chicken noodle soup. I couldn’t eat solid foods because the fluid had pushed all my organs up and when I tried to eat the food couldn’t get to my stomach and it hurt. So i say all this to say…drink that gatorade! LOL!! water won’t work :/

  2. Oh dear… when it rains, it pours.

    I’ve had reactions to the wee woman similar to Q’s reaction last night. I remember walking away from her one night in the bathtub, telling Hubby that she was all his, and then hiding in my bedroom for the rest of the night. He didn’t even attempt to bring her to see me, and I was glad for that- I was in a terrible mental place at the time, and sadly, sometimes we take that out on those we love the most. Even if not wanting to say goodnight to E. was an emotional decision at the time, it may have been a smart one. Stepping away is sometimes the best thing we can do for our kids. You are both under so much pressure right now- blowups are understandable. This won’t scar E. for life or anything- at his age, he had most certainly forgotten all about it by this morning.

    Deep breaths… one day at a time… blah, blah, blah. Just do your best to get through this tough time. Hugs! xoxo

  3. Ugh I’m sorry. Toddlers are so much fun until they start acting like toddlers, I know! :-).

    Good luck with retrieval, so soon!!!!!!

  4. Everyone feels like they can’t handle what they have sometimes — you’re not alone and it doesn’t mean you’re making the wrong choice. Hang in there! It is so hard to control emotions during this time, believe me, I know. You’re doing a great job and those follies are growing so nicely. Just remember you’re doing all you possibly can. Allow yourself the freedom of that knowledge. And don’t worry too much about comparing cycle to cycle…this one for me was definitely faster than I remember with H and we had by far the best result in terms of embryo quality. I’m rooting for you every step of the way!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    I lives reading your posts thanks for sharing. I had the same dilemma regarding 2 blasts to transfer or 1. We have been ttc for almost 2yrs this is my 3rd ivf. I also have a 4 yr old boy. So I totally understand. We chose 2 I’m terrified but will be happy if both or 1 stick! My beta is December 21st. Good luck!!!! I’m crossing all fingers for you

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