Things they don’t tell you at the appointment to start an IVF cycle

A morning in the life of Turia, prepping for an IVF cycle with a toddler underfoot.

I did my Lupron shot this morning at the kitchen table, in between feeding bites of my breakfast (cereal with yoghurt and banana) to E. because he was so hangry* he couldn’t bring himself to eat his own breakfast (toast with peanut butter and honey on it that I had cut into triangles as he requested only after I cut it he wanted “Big rectangles! Not triangles! Put it back together! Make it bigger!”).

When I had finished my breakfast (I did get to eat some of it in the end once E.’s blood sugar regulated enough for him to realize his breakfast was probably quite tasty rather than just being a crushing disappointment bordering on the end of the world), I pushed my bowl into the centre of the table, like I always do.

“It’s in the way!” said E.

I wasn’t quite listening.

“Mummy- move the bowl! It’s blocking the view!”

Eventually I realized what the problem was. The bowl was now sitting in front of the sharps container.

“You want to look at the sharps container, E.?”

“Yep. Mummy’s sharps container is pretty neat.”

So I moved the bowl, and showed him the sharps container, and we counted the needles inside (“Fee!”), and then I put the Lupron back in the fridge.

While E. finished his breakfast I got out all of my pills and loaded up my dispenser. I’ve got so many on the go right now that I have to add them to the P.M. slot in a particular order or the lid won’t close. Meanwhile, E. finished eating, requested help “wiping off my milk mustache” and then got down to play.

“Come play wif me, Mummy,” he called.

“Just a minute, little love,” I answered. “I have to put my pills away.”

E. nodded sagely. “Yes. Otherwise someone might trip on them.”

* hangry (adj.): irrational rage caused by hunger.  Low blood sugar is normally the culprit.  Can lead to much weeping, on both the part of the toddler and his mother.  Best solved by encouraging the individual to eat something as quickly as possible.  Those who have the misfortune to live with not only a wife prone to blood sugar issues but also a toddler who inherited this tendency are best advised to carry snacks with them at all times and to tread carefully in the mornings.


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One response to “Things they don’t tell you at the appointment to start an IVF cycle

  1. I get hangry, too. So does my child- I think there’s definitely a genetic component there. I love E’s comment about tripping over your pills- that had to make you laugh a bit during this stressful time. Sending love… xoxo

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