I tested this morning.

It was a clear BFN.

I’d been debating testing and refusing to test for a couple of days, mainly because I didn’t really believe deep down that the cycle had worked, but knew that if I kept refusing to test I could at least keep on trying to believe it had worked.

Q. has pointed out that it is still early and that I don’t exactly have the greatest track record with HPTs. To which I have made the reply that at other clinics beta day would be tomorrow, and the HPTs that gave me the negative result with E’s cycle were from the dollar store. This one was a FRER.

I bought a two-pack, so I’ll test again on either Sunday or Monday for confirmation before the actual beta. But at least now I’ve got a couple of days to start to get my head around it all.

I didn’t ever really think, not deep down, not in my heart of hearts, that we would transfer both of our remaining blasts and still end up not pregnant. Deep down I was convinced that one of them would work.

But here we are.

Looks like we’re going to have some tough decisions to make.


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5 responses to “8dp5dt

  1. Karen

    I’m so sorry. I hope the beta is a happy surprise!

  2. Oh dear. Well, remember what happened last time? When you had a negative HPT and a positive beta? I know it was a $store test, but perhaps you’re just one of those women who doesn’t ever get a positive HPT. I’m gonna keep hoping. You’re not bleeding, so there is still reason to be hopeful. Hang in there!

  3. If it was a fresh cycle I think a bfn on this day would be more definitive, but I know that with frozen transfers they say betas usually run a a day or two behind.

    I think retesting this weekend is a good idea. My fingers are crossed for you. Hugs!

  4. Nity

    I’m sorry my dear. One of mine was a BFN with a store bought test and a chemical pregnancy with my beta. I’m hoping that will not happen to you. But that you will get fabulous beta news soon. Or at least early positive tests at home…

  5. Even though I still hope for a positive beta, I am sorry about this negative. Negatives are awful, even the ones that turn out to be wrong.

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