Love of llamas

I had such a lovely day with E. yesterday.

It didn’t start out all that promising. He’d slept well, but he woke up out of sorts, and breakfast was going to be a battle until I remembered we still had one pancake in the freezer (thank you bionic and catwoman for that suggestion- pure genius). He insisted on accompanying me to the bathroom, so while I showered he stood next to the shower, having pulled across the curtain so he could see me the entire time, and commented on what I was doing. “Mummy put in some shampoo! Mummy wash face!¬† Mummy all done!” (He has never before felt the need to stand in the bathroom while I shower.)

I needed to trim his fingernails, which was going to be another huge battle until I suggested we watch videos of garbage trucks on YouT.ube, at which point he was happy to sit still and didn’t even notice what I was doing. We had a minor meltdown when I shut the computer down, but it was short-lived.

Despite his protests I eventually got him out the door and the day just got better and better from that point on.

We went to the library to pick up some holds.

We went to the health food store where we restocked our Lara Bars (and E. picked the flavours he wanted).

We sat outside on our front steps and played “I Spy” for close to an hour. E. seriously impressed me with some of his guesses.

We went back inside and built buses and car transporters and rocket-ship-buses out of Duplo and Megabloks. E. built a racing car. “The green ones go in the middle. They’re the seats. Put blue ones on top. They’re the seatbelts. Mummy and Daddy buckle E. up.”

We made tuna salad and I had a sandwich while E. ate his tuna straight out of the bowl.

We read one of our new books from the library, Llama Llama Misses Mama, where Llama goes to school.

We then read Llama Llama Misses Mama another five times in a row.

E. took a three hour nap.

We read Llama Llama Misses Mama another four times.

We talked about Llama going to school and how he misses his mama but then she comes back. We talked about what one of our cats would do if she went to cat school: “Cat play wif garbage truck! Cat put recycling in truck!”

We packed a snack and set off to go to the park. On the way there we passed an ice cream truck and since it was sunny and warm and I knew we didn’t have very many of those days left, we stopped and got ice cream.

We played with the trucks at the park for an hour.

We came home and made dinner and E. stood on his chair and helped until Q. got home at which point he jumped down and ran over to him, shouting, “Daddy Monster! Daddy Monster!” So Q. growled and stomped around the living room with E. over his shoulder shrieking with laughter.

Then we ate dinner and Q. put E. to bed, and he went to sleep without a peep of protest.

It felt like we were finally getting our little guy back.

It was really interesting listening to E. process things yesterday. When he first asked what tomorrow was, and I told him it was Wednesday, so it was a school day, his first response was to start to cry and insist it was the weekend and not a school day. But in the afternoon, after the many (many) renditions of Llama Llama Misses Mama, he started to say (without any prompting from me) that tomorrow was a school day and that Mummy would “stay for a little bit” before going away and then coming back.

He didn’t quite hold on to that this morning. We had a few moments where he insisted that “Mummy stay a lot a lot a lot”, and there were tears when I did leave, but it was still a much more settled morning than has been the case, and we had no crying until the moment that I left (as opposed to the solid forty minutes to an hour of crying that has been the norm in the last few weeks, much of it before we even leave the house). He commented that “it was a bit hard to say bye-bye”, and I agreed.

Slowly but surely. We’re getting there.


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