Transfer complete!

Everything went smoothly today. My f/s was only an hour later than the original appointment time (normally he is at least ninety minutes, so this was a nice surprise). The blastocyst survived the thaw and still looked great. We still have one frozen. My f/s had no problem seeing my uterus with the ultrasound to get the blastocyst where he wanted it to go.

They gave me my drug protocol- nothing changes except I need to start Fragmin this afternoon. I think I’ll do one this afternoon and then switch to doing them in the morning, along with the PIO shot. Might as well get all the jabbing done in one hit.

The only complicating factor is I’m not meant to lift anything heavier than 20 lb, which includes E., who, despite being WAAAY down the charts for weight, still weighs a bit over 25 lb.

I can’t put E. in the crib or pick him out of it.

I can’t lift him into the bath, or up onto the change table (that one at least won’t be a problem as it’s easy enough to change him on the floor).

I can’t carry the stroller down the stairs.

I can’t pick E. up for a cuddle. E., my son, who is so filled to the brim with separation anxiety right now that we have night wakings. E., who has said “NO!” to me more times in the last week than he has in his entire life combined. E., who is getting his final molar. E., who still isn’t sure every morning whether he is going to nursery school or not, although he knows that he “is a bit sad when Mummy goes away”.

This could get interesting.

I ended up a bit emotional in the bathroom after the transfer. It is just…different this time around. I KNOW what the result could be. I can’t be as emotionally detached from these blastocysts. They’re not just snowbabies.

This embryo once was in the same petri dish as the embryo that became our E.

When our f/s showed us the blastocyst before the transfer, I had a vision of that screen in August 2010, when we looked at two little blastocysts, one of which became our son.

We walked out at 1:20 p.m., with me officially pregnant.

Now I just have to stay that way.

Beta on the 3rd of October.



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3 responses to “Transfer complete!

  1. Sarah

    Fingers and toes crossed! Hoping, hoping, hoping for you!!

  2. Yipee!

    Same problem here with the lifting — the doctor who did the transfer, upon hearing I had a 26 lb creature at home, said, well, LIMIT the lifting. Some things we have worked around fairly easily, like my sitting down and having him climb into my lap or beside me for a hug. The changing table is trickier, but I’ve taught him some ways to hold me that have him do more of the work and keep his weight closer to my body (“give me a hug to get down”). The side wall has been gone from his crib for ages. (Not an entirely good thing, by any means.)

    Some of it, though, is just unavoidable. If he gets hurt, I am certainly going to swoop him up, if kneeling beside him and hugging him from there isn’t an option. If I do too much lifting in a day, I do find I am extra tired and crampy (Why? I’m not lifting with my uterus, am I?), but in terms of real harm, I figure women have been pregnant while carrying for toddlers for a long, long, long time, and it will probably be okay.

  3. Fingers crossed for you, hun! Fragmin… I hate fragmin. Ugh.

    Sit on the floor lots with E. If you’re down on his level, he won’t want up as much. It won’t be easy, but the pay off is huge!

    Hoping like mad for good news on the 3rd…

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