Life according to E.

Conversations with E. at almost twenty-seven months

E.: “Ee-mon haf some ice ceem!”
Me.: “What flavour would you like, love?”
E.: “Ee-mon haf some vanilla.” *thinks for a moment* “Outside Bunny haf some stawberry ice ceem!”

*At lunch*

E.: *eating crumpets* “Cumpet monster!”
Q.: “A crumpet monster?! Where!”
E.: “Here! Over there!”
Q.: “What does a crumpet monster say?”
E.: *thinks* “Num num num!” *devours crumpets with a huge grin*

Me *arriving home from the library*: “What did you do today, E.?”
E.: “Outside Bunny got eaten by a puppy!”
Q.: *explains that Outside Bunny was grabbed by a dog when he and E. were out weeding the front garden. He rescued her before any damage was done.*
E.: “Outside Bunny eaten by a puppy! Outside Bunny get dirty! Outside Bunny go in washing machina! Outside Bunny ceen now!

E.: “Ee-mon haf some snack!”
Me.: “What do you want, E.?”
E.: *thinking* “Ee-mon haf some bananana.”
Me.: “It’s almost supper time, E. You can have banana for pudding.”
E.: *to Q.* “Ee-mon haf some banananana for pudding!”
Q.: “Oh, E. What have we been talking about this afternoon?”
E.: “Banananana still geen. Ee-mon no eat banananana yet.”
Q.: “That’s right. They’re not ripe yet.”
E.: *runs into kitchen* “Maybe banananana yeyow now? Maybe Ee-mon haf tiny tiny bite?”

Stream of consciousness while walking to the bus stop:

E.: “Puddle! Puddle! Tiny tiny puddle! Ee-mon no jump in puddle. Ee-mon no wear rubber boots. Ee-mon pick some wowers (flowers) for Mummy. Landover! Landover! (lavender) Bee on landover! Bee make un-ee (honey)! Ee-mon no touch bee! Rocks! Car coming! Two puppies going for a walk! Puppies go on dub-dub (double-decker) bus? No. No puppy eat Outside Bunny, no. Ee-mon walk on gass. Ee-mon see pidge-on. Bye-by pidge-on! Bus-stop! Ee-mon and Mummy go on dub-dub bus. Go into town! Go on twain (train) at yibary (library). Mummy no use hand-dwyer! Hand-dwyer weally loud! (He’s afraid of the Dyson hand driers in public toilets here). Four people waiting for a bus! Ee-mon no wait. Ee-mon no haf patience. Ee-mon go on dub-dub bus now! Ee-mon ride on top! Ee-mon ride at front! Outside Bunny go on bus! Bus coming!”

E.: *while getting breakfast ready, out of the blue* “Outside Bunny get eaten by a puppy!”
Me.: “Not today, love. She’s ok.”
E.: *thoughtful* “Maybe tomorrow.”


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  1. Nity

    Love this! So cute.

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