Still confused

I’m still spotting.

Not very much any more, and usually just first thing in the morning. All a bit weird.

My sister had another possible explanation. She said it could be estrogen withdrawal, where my body geared up to ovulate, but then didn’t, and the resulting drop in estrogen triggered the spotting. Without the luteal phase and the progesterone, my uterine lining didn’t build up, so I won’t have a proper period.

She knows all about this, you see, because she has been off the pill now for almost a year, and is discovering that although she apparently does not have PCOS, her cycle is resolutely failing to approximate anything close to normal. And being a scientist, she’s looked into all the reasons.

I’m not remotely happy that she’s having to deal with similar issues to me, but I do like having a scientist in the family who can give me possible explanations for my own physiological weirdness.

So I guess I’ll continue to monitor the situation and will test to make sure I’m not pregnant before starting the bcps sometime next month. And I will definitely mention it to my f/s when I’m back at the clinic in late August and see if he wants to look for a polyp or anything else (thanks for that suggestion, Bionic).


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